Monika Yadav

Insolvency: Homebuyers’ representatives get greater responsibility

As per the latest changes made in the corporate insolvency regulation that have been made effective from September 18, the AR will now serve as a bridge between the CoCs and homebuyers.

13 hours ago

IBBI notifies changes to CIRP regulations, effective from September 18

The amendments allow committee members to conduct audits of the corporate debtor or CD, with the audit costs included as part of the CIRP cost.

21 Sep 2023

Joblessness rate at 42 per cent among graduates under 25

“Post-Covid, the unemployment rate is lower than it was pre-Covid, for all education levels.

21 Sep 2023

42% unemployment rate among young graduates major challenge in India: Premji University report

"Since 2019, the pace of regular wage job creation decreased due to the growth slowdown and the pandemic," the State of Working India 2023 report released by Azim Premji University noted.

20 Sep 2023

High crude prices new risk to global financial stability: RBI

The global economy could slowly be approaching an inflection point beyond which things will change to local growth booms but production inefficiencies worldwide.

19 Sep 2023

finance ministry defends Q1 GDP numbers amid concerns over data credibility

On the issue of the discrepancy between income and expenditure approach, the ministry stated that real GDP growth for Q1FY24 stood at 7.8% year-on-year, based on the income or production approach.

16 Sep 2023

Cognizant to pay DDT, says tribunal

During the assessment year 2017-18, Cognizant bought 94,00,534 equity shares from its shareholders in the US and Mauritius at Rs 20,297 per share, totalling Rs 19,080 crore.

15 Sep 2023

Russia resumes fertilizer trade with United States, ends discounts to India

As per industry experts, the rise in fertilizer prices will not impact the farmers as they get subsidies on it.

14 Sep 2023

August retail inflation eases to 6.83 per cent

Vegetable prices rose 26.1% in August as against a staggering 37.34% surge in July. Conversely, prices of oils and fats fell 15.3% after a drop of 16.8% in the previous month.

13 Sep 2023

30-day time limit for GST e-invoice filing

Under the updated advisory by the National Informatics Centre, taxpayers falling into this category will no longer be permitted to report invoices that are older than 30 days from the date of reportin

12 Sep 2023

Govt considering direct listing of Indian companies on London Stock Exchange

There is definitely some discussion on the FTA... the key on both sides is to conclude it as soon as possible, she said in a press conference alongside UK Chancellor of Exchequer Jeremy Hunt.

12 Sep 2023

G20 meet: Government emphasises caution on use of crypto assets 

Crypto may not have a very obvious use case as such but we have to give that benefit of the doubt to see what it can do to the digital economy, a senior official said.

11 Sep 2023

Indian Presidency at G20 lays foundation for global crypto policy: Finance Minister

She affirmed that the G20 will continue discussions on policy issues related to the common framework and periodically provide appropriate recommendations.

10 Sep 2023

High tomato prices make household thalis costlier; relief expected in September

The rising costs affected both vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis, with the former experiencing a 24% rise and the latter seeing a 13% increase year-on-year.

08 Sep 2023

G20 to consider common crypto framework, look for consensus 

Discussions surrounding a common template for crypto asset regulation will take place this weekend during the summit.

07 Sep 2023

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