Mrinal Rajaram

Endearing but Devoid of Conflicts

Vicky And Her Mystery (Mystére in French) is a feel-good film to cap off the festive season.

15 Jan 2022

'Man in love' movie review: A problematic premise overshadows a beautiful love story

Directed by Yin Chen-hao, Man in Love is a Taiwanese remake of the 2014 South Korean film bearing the same title.

21 Aug 2021

'Hit and Run' series review: Captivating, intense, brilliant

The suspense is excellent in Hit & Run. But it is really the pace and the time this nine-part first season takes to build tension and character that makes this Netflix series such a good watch.

14 Aug 2021

'Panic' series review: A solid effort in the genre of young adult mystery-drama

An engaging young adult mystery/drama that packs in quite a bit into its ten-episode first season.

02 Jun 2021

'Beyond The Clouds' movie review: A poignant tragedy

Beyond The Clouds is a highly character-driven film that operates at three levels, all of which are intertwined with one another.

21 Apr 2018

'October' movie review: A measured, deeply sensitive romantic drama

After the memorable Vicky Donor and the thoroughly endearing Piku, Shoojit Sircar impresses us again in his latest feature.

14 Apr 2018

Pitch Perfect 3 Review: Falls flat

Pitch Perfect 3 reunites the old cast one last time to mark the end of the musical franchise.

06 Jan 2018

'Golmaal Again' review: Beyond redemption

All a discerning viewer can hope for is that a totally unnecessary sequel isn’t made in the footsteps of this one. Four parts of pure torture are bad enough.

22 Oct 2017

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Salazar’s Revenge movie review: A needless addition

Originality has taken a severe beating with every subsequent installment that’s been created for this franchise.

02 Jun 2017