Mrinal Rajaram

'Phenomena' movie review: Good humour and camaraderie in this unpredictable horror comedy

At the heart of it, Phenomena is a horror film with traditional elements. What makes it interesting is its casually comedic feel, offsetting the tenseness that lies at the core.

17 Apr 2023

Copycat Killer: A layered series that surprises and questions

In addition to its suspenseful writing, Copycat Killer touches upon something similar shows in the genre don’t usually delve into.

08 Apr 2023

Love at First Kiss review| A derivative story that goes nowhere

Why he would go through with it, to begin with, having the foreshadowing knowledge he has, beats me! Cut to years later, and Javier runs a small publishing house reserved for quality writers.

07 Mar 2023

'We Have a Ghost' review: Funny, engaging ghost story

We Have a Ghost is adapted from Ernest, a 2017 short story by Geoff Manaugh.

28 Feb 2023

'We Have a Ghost' movie review: A refreshing ghost tale that deals with sensitive themes

David Harbour’s wordless performance as the titular character is quite something, possibly being the film's highlight.

26 Feb 2023

'Dog Gone' movie review: A pet rescue film with a commonplace narrative

Dog Gone begins with Fielding (Johnny Berchtold) at college. He is a likable character ambivalent about his future prospects.

17 Jan 2023

'Mumbai Mafia: Police vs the Underworld' review:  A good documentary, despite its flaws

The first portion of the film trains its lens on the elusive kingpin, Dawood Ibrahim. His criminal grip on ’80s and early ’90s Bombay was vice-like.

10 Jan 2023

Broken Wings movie review: Many average elements in this elegy to the police

The parts involving Nicholas Saptura’s Adji and Ariel Tatum’s Nani are the best Broken Wings (Sayap-Sayap Patah) has to offer.

15 Dec 2022

'The Violence Action' movie review: A compelling lead in this flawed action flick

The Violence Action is a live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga series of the same name written by Shin Sawada and illustrated by Renji Asai.

24 Nov 2022

'Descendant' review: Hard-hitting documentary about identity and truth

Margaret Brown’s fine and uncomfortable documentary film delves deep into America’s troubled relationship with slavery.

26 Oct 2022

'Black Butterflies' review: A dark show with Excellent build-up and characterisation

Created, directed and written by Olivier Abbou and Bruno Merle, Black Butterflies (Les Papillons Noirs) represents the darkness of the human psyche.

18 Oct 2022

'Luckiest Girl Alive' review: A poor lead performance sinks a vital story with pressing themes

 Jessica Knoll, who wrote the mystery novel the film is based on, serves as the script writer for Luckiest Girl Alive.

10 Oct 2022

'Entergalactic' review: A treat for the senses

The lead characters fit like a glove because they’re both dreamers, retreating into their world of artistic expression or their own consciousness or both.

07 Oct 2022

A treat for the senses 

Entergalactic’ appears as an animated television special, complimenting Kid Cudi’s album of the same name.

03 Oct 2022

'Lou' review: There are too many loose ends, and no one to tie them

The initial minutes of Lou set the stage for all the seen-it-before tropes to follow.

01 Oct 2022

'I Used to Be Famous' review: An earnest film about fame and second chances

What makes I Used to Be Famous engaging is its sheer simplicity. The writing and acting are so natural that the film succeeds in coming off as a relatable, story-next-door kind of effort.

23 Sep 2022

'The Festival of Troubadours' Review: A complex, dysfunctional tale of father and son

Based on Kemal Varol’s novel of the same name, The Festival of Troubadours (şıklar Bayramı) is a brooding and intense dive into a dysfunctional father-son relationship.

06 Sep 2022

'Loving Adults' review: Unpredictable and intense

Intelligently executed, Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg and the writers present to you the opposite of what a standard love-crime thriller would be.

30 Aug 2022

'Heartsong' review: This Turkish Netflix movie is an endearing romcom with terrific chemistry

The sensibilities are similar to those of commercial Indian cinema, and yet, here, the treatment is never over the top.

20 Aug 2022

'Carter' review: Netflix's South Korean movie is an action extravaganza with mediocre storyline 

In addition to the outrageous yet highly realistic (for the most part) action, the cinematography (both on level ground and high in the sky) is, as expected, quite superb!

13 Aug 2022

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