'Loving Adults' review: Unpredictable and intense

Intelligently executed, Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg and the writers present to you the opposite of what a standard love-crime thriller would be.

30 Aug 2022

'Heartsong' review: This Turkish Netflix movie is an endearing romcom with terrific chemistry

The sensibilities are similar to those of commercial Indian cinema, and yet, here, the treatment is never over the top.

20 Aug 2022

'Carter' review: Netflix's South Korean movie is an action extravaganza with mediocre storyline 

In addition to the outrageous yet highly realistic (for the most part) action, the cinematography (both on level ground and high in the sky) is, as expected, quite superb!

13 Aug 2022

An exploration of our baser instincts: Remarriage & Desires

South Korean Netflix Original Remarriage & Desires enters the charged world of an elite matchmaking agency and its murky ties to the rich, powerful and corrupt.

20 Jul 2022

Collision, South African political thriller film needs better execution

The story coasts in several places and doesn’t resolve the varying conflicts at play in a manner befitting its workable premise. 

24 Jun 2022

REVIEW| Two summers: A dark and depressingly brilliant show

You can never really outrun the past and the misdeeds therein. You may attempt to blot them out, as many do, but it catches up, one way or another.

07 Jun 2022

'Along for the Ride' review: Familiarly boring 

Written and directed by Sofia Alvarez, Along for the Ride is based on Sarah Dessen’s young adult novel of the same name.

14 May 2022

Entertaining and stylish, yet does not lack in depth

The Getaway King (a.k.a Najmro) is inspired by the life of Zdzisław Najmrodzki, a wanted thief and criminal active in the 70s and 80s.

14 May 2022

'Honeymoon with my mother'- a mediocre dramedy

A young man, Jose Luis (Quim Gutierrez), gets dumped at the altar on his wedding day.

07 May 2022

Anatomy of a Scandal: A fine adaptation that addresses consent and privilege

Veneer, sophistication, and polish may all be present at the said level, but scratch the surface and you find that patriarchy is rampant across all stages of the socio-economic structure.

03 May 2022

Progressive and Profound 

Those who decide to keep the child are often subjected to derisive jokes about their masculinity and are socially ostracised.

30 Apr 2022

Anatomy of a Scandal review: Effective Exploration of Patriarchy

Based on Sarah Vaughan’s renowned novel of the same name, Anatomy of a Scandal exposes the powerful world it is set in.

23 Apr 2022

'Beyond The Clouds' movie review: A poignant tragedy

Beyond The Clouds is a highly character-driven film that operates at three levels, all of which are intertwined with one another.

21 Apr 2018

'October' movie review: A measured, deeply sensitive romantic drama

After the memorable Vicky Donor and the thoroughly endearing Piku, Shoojit Sircar impresses us again in his latest feature.

14 Apr 2018

Pitch Perfect 3 Review: Falls flat

Pitch Perfect 3 reunites the old cast one last time to mark the end of the musical franchise.

06 Jan 2018