Muneef Khan

Caught in a brewhaha

‘Let’s meet over a cuppa’ gets a new twist as chai parlours are changing cafe culture in city.

30 Dec 2019

Real life isn’t black or white, says comedian Sumukhi Suresh

Based in Mumbai, Suresh says she changed her method of doing stand-up comedy after people found it funny when she intertwining an observation within a story.

23 Dec 2019

Soon, a bigger plane for music

Entertainment lovers in city can look forward to a new multi-purpose state-of-the-art arena that will come up at the airport premises 

19 Dec 2019

Blending in with jazz and classics

It’s tough to hold Western classical music shows due to lack of venues in India, says Shantanu Patel

18 Dec 2019

‘Law shouldn’t divide and choose’

Singer Shaan talks to CE about his musical journey, honing his Hindi and Urdu skills, and why CAB is a contentious issue

16 Dec 2019

Tree for a cause

Along with Santa Claus and celebrations during Christmas, it’s also the season of giving and contributing to the needy.

16 Dec 2019

Changing cricket with  AI-driven analysis

Criclytics analyses data sourced from vendors and uses predictive modelling to anticipate the way a game might turn out

12 Dec 2019

‘There is no one brown identity’

Percussionist and producer Sarathy Korwar (31) has been blending a mix between his many genres of flexibility ranging from jazz to indo- jazz which has distinct influences.

11 Dec 2019

When words are worth it

Unlike many others in the creative and entertainment world, Sameer Rahat does not want to ride on the name and fame of his father.

10 Dec 2019

We love Illayaraja’s work, says this Indie-pop band from Israel

Since its launch in 2013, Tel Aviv-based Indie-pop outfit Garden City Movement has been making waves with their distinct sound and groovy tunes.

10 Dec 2019

‘Lemon rice got me the apron at MasterChef Australia’

In 2016, he moved to Australia to work as an IT professional but also came across the opportunity of participating in MasterChef Australia.

09 Dec 2019

Setting the stage for green music fest

Netalkar emphasised on other big areas of focus in the festival like water and energy.

05 Dec 2019

Recreating fine tunes from Finland

The city has had a rich history of music ranging from classical to modern-day rock, and each genre has found its place with a dedicated audience.

04 Dec 2019

Bengaluru-based band Peepal Tree believes in abstract themes, new experiences

Members of Bengaluru-based band, Peepal Tree, talk to City Express about their multi-lingual approach to music

02 Dec 2019

Karnataka Women Achievers Awards for these 20 women

Among those to be honoured was Dr Shanti Tummala, a former dentist who gave up her job to become an environmentalist six years ago.

02 Dec 2019

‘Kannada was one of the first things I had to learn here’

Actress Priyanka Upendra talks to CE about her life in Bengaluru and her upcoming projects

28 Nov 2019

Green goals

Football club Bengaluru FC has taken up new initiatives, such as planting a tree for every goal scored and cleaning up the stand after a match

23 Nov 2019

Turning pages about the startup world

Rao emphasised that companies have taken over two decades to develop the brands they are today and not an overnight success.

21 Nov 2019

‘Major hassle to buy horses here’

... says Ashish Limaye, an instructor at EIRS, adding that getting horses to be bred in India will save expenses

20 Nov 2019

Spinning new tunes, themes

Founded in 2008, Skrat’s music can be described as energetic with a unique attribute. It is based on a dense theme which revolves around each album.

19 Nov 2019

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