N Sathiya Moorthy

Between elder brother and big brother

From an Indian perspective, it is a moment for living by the old national ethos of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam in Sanskrit and Yaadhum Oore, Yavarum Kelir in Tamil.

12 Jan 2021

On the other side of diaspora politics

From the cow-slaughter ban, CAA and NRC protests, Article 370 abrogation, and now the farmers’ agitation, global nations have passed adverse comments on Indian government's handling of the situation.

25 Dec 2020

Transitioning ties from Trump to Biden  

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted about his telephone conversation with US President-elect Joe Biden, at least some tongues have stopped wagging.

25 Nov 2020

Is the Indian Ocean still India’s ocean?

As explained, the 2+2 dialogue being held on the eve of the US presidential polls was not an issue per se as this is not the first time it’s happening.

05 Nov 2020

UN reforms: Taking the Modi message forward

The prime minister listed out India’s contributions to the world over the years.

01 Oct 2020

Rajapaksas become stronger, split Tamil voices get weaker

The Sri Lanka parliamentary polls have weakened the multi-party Tamil National Alliance. This has made the post-poll revival of ethnic negotiations more complex

08 Aug 2020

Choosing the middle path for ‘middle power’  

As Jaishankar has pointed out, global shifts like the changing American role and increasing Chinese assertiveness have created more space for nations like India and Japan 

31 Jul 2020

Not time yet for India to externalise internal anger

Even the political opponents of Nehru had enough in the model to criticise the issues and fight successive elections over them.

02 Jul 2020