N Sathiya Moorthy

Why US spares for Pak F-16s dampen regional peace

The US says it expected India to understand its position on the Pakistan deal. New Delhi has no such expectation.

24 Sep 2022

Sri Lanka holds political lessons for India

Lanka is petrified at possibility of a return of Sinhala-left insurgency & ethnic Tamil militancy, both of which owe their birth to competing socio-economic aspirations fuelled by electoral compulsion

28 Jul 2022

Do democracy and pluralism always go together?

Jaishankar was reiterating the Government’s position that the two political leaders had made the statements for which their party, the BJP, has initiated action against them.

26 Jun 2022

Whose war is Ukraine fighting still?

If and when America stops sending in weapons and other aid, Ukrainians will not be able to survive the war.

04 Jun 2022

A case for dynamic permanency in UNSC

It is incredible how, barring the US, the rest are hanging on to a legacy without earning or deserving it. 

13 May 2022

New Delhi can help, but can’t restore Colombo’s stability

India has the power, economic and otherwise, to set matters right, at least in the IOR neighbourhood, but is stymied by political realities and diplomatic niceties.

13 Apr 2022

After Ukraine War, Europe is Europeans’ Business

Independent of the issues involved and the destruction caused by a war that was avoidable, Russian President Putin has exposed NATO’s limitations and also Western Europe’s overdependence on the US

14 Mar 2022