N Sathiya Moorthy

Ukraine crisis, US unilateralism and India’s dilemma

The US began the Ukraine initiative and seems to hope to suck European allies into it. The reservations of France and Germany are understandable.

14 Feb 2022

Reviving Tibet debate & impact on border talks

In the past, China appeared concerned about the involvement of India in the choice of a future Dalai Lama or not recognising the one it imposed. Not anymore, it seems

22 Jan 2022

Political realism beginning to shape foreign policy

India cannot be seen as deploying the democracy war cry on its immediate neighbours as indiscriminately as Big Brother America does with its superpower status.

28 Dec 2021

Reinventing the India-Russia relationship

Nations carve out long-term strategic policies based on their circumstances and compulsions and New Delhi seems to be applying geostrategic correctives over its ties with Moscow.

09 Dec 2021

India’s major soft-power tool in foreign policy

Soft power of the cultural kind is for coffee-room discussions. Across the working table, real power along with financial and political support matter more.

26 Nov 2021

Neighbourhood is still India's Achilles' heel

India needs to sail cautiously into new waters when its backwaters have become murkier and more troubled.

27 Oct 2021

What is there in the Quad for India?

With the Quad, India hoped its traditional sphere of influence in South Asia would be recognised and that it could count on military help to fend off China. That did not happen.

04 Oct 2021

Tightrope walk for India on the Taliban front

That Taliban 2.0 will create a theocratic state is a given. We need to contextualise their human rights violations, without reference to self-serving Western political templates

06 Sep 2021

China and India’s move towards candid messaging

American Secretary of State Antony  Blinken’s recent visit to India signals the possibility of a permanent course-change in our nation’s policy towards China, if not Pakistan.

11 Aug 2021

Tightrope walk for India in Afghanistan

Today, India’s concerns viz Afghanistan is as much geo-political as it is geo-strategic.

11 Jul 2021

Selling family silver to pay for food and bullet

The larger concern for India shouldn’t be China’s projects in Lanka and elsewhere in the region. It should be about the reason for them to seek out Chinese funding at a high cost

22 Jun 2021

Vaccine Maitri-II puts Atmanirbhar claims on a sticky wicket

After the Covid debacle, the international community will be using a fine toothcomb to look at each and every one of India’s claims on both domestic and geostrategic fronts

27 May 2021

Externalising internal politics, internalising external policies can prove dangerous for India

Contextualisation requires recalling Dhaka’s cancellation of Minister Momen’s Delhi visit at the height of the ‘CAA protests’ across India, with Shah’s ministry and his utterances in focus.

25 Apr 2021

With two friends in UN poll race, what should India do?

Maldives and Afghanistan are competing for the presidency of the UNGA’s 76th session next year. India
needs to play a leadership role in the region, quickly

12 Apr 2021

Trump’s America, China and the world

The choice of Kamala Harris as the running mate of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has increased Indian interest in the American presidential election.

04 Sep 2020

Understanding China’s message to our country

After Doklam, China seems to want to ‘expose’ once again how India’s Quad allies are concerned only about the shared waters of the Indo-Pacific

04 Jun 2020

Reclaiming India’s traditional sphere of influence

China has spread its net around India since the turn of the century. There is an urgent need for India to
strengthen its soft-power relations with its neighbours

04 May 2020