Nandita Bose

'Sacred Songs: The Mahabharata’s Many Gitas' book review: The wisdom of 25 Gitas 

The font and spacing of the mammoth hardbound are designed for readability. 

18 Nov 2023

Reflections of the Underbelly

Based on a real-life crime, the debut work digs into the Indian psyche to tell the tale of those we forget.

28 Oct 2023

'The Essential UR Ananthamurthy' book review: Unique yet universal  

A compilation of writer UR Ananthamurthy’s best works—fiction, non-fiction and autobiographical––that serve as the perfect starting point for those looking to explore Kannada literature

16 Sep 2023

Book review: The Woman Who Climbed Trees

A heartrending novel that portrays the silent burdens of marriage that women across different cultures are expected to bear 

12 Aug 2023

'The Patriarchs: How Men Came to Rule' book review: Truth behind the male myth

A powerhouse of a book that asks questions about the veracity of notions about inherent male superiority.

22 Jul 2023

'Meow Meow: The incredible true story of Baby Patankar' book review: A riveting roulette

An awe-inspiring crime saga that humanises Mumbai’s dreaded drug queen, Baby Patankar.

17 Jun 2023

Fantastically Tuned

At the core of the narrative are Manhoos and Mary as children in the Betla forests near Netarhat in present-day Jharkhand, and their journey past adulthood.

01 Jun 2023

Isreal Conflict