Nanditha Krishna

Pandemic and the indisciplined Indian

The Indian outside India is a person to be proud of: disciplined, hard-working and a role model.

24 Apr 2021

Are we truly celebrating our women?

Despite celebrating March 8 as International Women’s Day, India is still far away from achieving gender 
equality and its skewed sex ratio is deplorable

27 Mar 2021

A truth and reconciliation commission for India

The Muslim League obtained the Islamic state and  the Indian National Congress power and control over India. Politicians won. The people lost. 

27 Feb 2021

On culture, language and identity

With the approaching elections, politicians have been spouting wisdom about culture, language and identity. Culture is a state of material development: iron age culture and so on.

30 Jan 2021

The lessons that we learned from 2020

However, 2020 taught us several lessons that we would do well to remember.   

02 Jan 2021

‘Water, water, everywhere…nor any drop to drink’

In Tamil Nadu, every political party promises to clean Chennai’s rivers and desilt the tanks, but does nothing when in power.

05 Dec 2020