Nascimento Pinto

On a beauty trail

In the last few years, the beauty industry has become wonderfully inclusive.

16 Jul 2019

Deep blue diving

Tracing conservations efforts across India’s coastline and what you can do to help

15 Jun 2019

 Edge of the world

Spanish athlete Kilian Jornet reveals how he jumps, skis and creates records

18 May 2019

A captain’s swagger

Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly chats about fitness and style

14 May 2019

In divine company: A Mahabalipuram travelogue

We take a walk around the temple town of Mahabalipuram to listen to stories that are often ignored

06 May 2019

MTV’s Love School: About celebrating love among millennials

Anusha and Karan have been individually appearing on television for a long time, but have never appeared together as a couple — especially for a show like this.

12 Mar 2019

Influencers hijacked by Anti-Social Network

Cyrus says while every task is unique, some of them made the influencers flip their personalities entirely to take on a completely new persona, which was a lot of fun.

10 Feb 2019

Why these female artists on Instagram will rattle your senses and break taboos

Their Instagram accounts are filled with sketches of vaginas, period blood and other taboo subjects that are rarely discussed openly among circles even though there are various issues surrounding it.

13 Sep 2017

Sarahah user? You may have low self-esteem and risk emotional abuse

The website states that Sarahah is to help “improve friendship by discovering strengths and areas of improvement” using constructive criticism.

22 Aug 2017

Can Arsenal continue their winning form against Leicester City in the EPL opener tonight?

Head-to-Head in the last two seasons, Arsenal seem to have the upper hand on Leicester City today as they have won three out of the four matches.

14 Aug 2017

Tamil youngster makes organic farming cool with Ajith, Jyothika and other movie-star memes

Twenty-four-year-old Santhosh's Facebook page has over 91,000 likes and over 93,000 people following it everyday, consulting him about organic farming and other agriculture-related queries.

14 Aug 2017