Navamy Sudhish

Tracing the journey of  a master dancer

Shruthi Namboodiri’s documentary Manwantaram records the maverick world of Guru Manu

02 Nov 2017

Being Isha

Sruthi Lakshmi talks about her first state award and how her character in Pokuveyil is special in more ways than one

01 Nov 2017

Islamic music with a carnatic touch

Vocalist Vazhamuttom B Chandrababu has come up with Islamic Concerts where Islamic compositions will be rendered in Carnatic format.

18 Oct 2017

Fairytale frames

A newly-wed pours dish-washing liquid into her husband’s morning coffee and smiles. As the unsuspecting man takes a sip, the band breaks into an exuberant ‘She’s crazy, but she’s mine’ track.

05 Oct 2017

On an adventure spree

Govind Padmasoorya aka GP is not an outright adventure junkie. He says he is scared of a spate of things, yet enjoys the rush of adrenaline when he faces them head-on.

02 Oct 2017

Transcending musical divides

Susheela Raman, the British-Indian vocalist, talks about her music and latest album Ghost Gamelan

25 Sep 2017

Built on buddhist philosophy

 Vasavadatta, the celebrated courtesan of Madhura, lies in her tattered silks, her body a mutilated mass of limbs and legs. As she awaits a long, painful death, Upagupta, the elusive monk, pays a visi

23 Sep 2017

Decoding dissent

In conversation with poet, critic and cultural activist Ashok Vajpeyi

21 Sep 2017

When democracy goes astray

‘Josephine Radio’, Jayachandran Thakazhikkaran’s solo play, is a critique of the present times

19 Sep 2017

String story

Sitar exponent and composer Purbayan Chatterjee talks about his musical journey.

30 Aug 2017

In tune with the elements

Atmabodh talks about his short film Vrkshart In a drought-ravaged terrain sits a little girl, her hair loose and her feet bare. Vrkshartha, Atmabodh’s 20-minute short film, follows her as she ventures into the thickets, flirting with elements in an easy, congenial manner.ha screened at festivals in Barcelona and Los Angeles

25 Aug 2017

Hitting the perfect octave

Meet Shashank Subramanyam, the Grammy-nominated flute maestro who was in the city for a concert

24 Aug 2017

Hitting the perfect octave

As Shashank Subramanyam sits cross-legged, coaxing melody out of an empty bamboo piece, you don’t know what to expect.

24 Aug 2017

Scare fare? not really 

E is not an absolute shiver-giver where chills flow naturally   

19 Aug 2017

Creches and daycare centres to use app-based live monitoring facility

Creches and daycare centres in the city are going high-tech with a lot of unique features including app-based live monitoring facility. 

18 Aug 2017

A remarkable idiom 

Shaju Subramanian’s lens creates an iconography burning with anxiety, trauma, alienation and collective guilt

08 Aug 2017

Sarvopari Palakkaran: A bland cocktail

Sarvopari Palakkaran has a promising start, introducing its chauvinist hero with intercuts to an Oorlai song mocking moral policing.

05 Aug 2017

The percussionist in action

Kalamandalam Krishnadas, a practitioner of kathakali chenda, is a recipient of this year’s Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Akademi Award

01 Aug 2017

‘Art needs great rasikas not just artists’

Once Koodiyattam legend Ammannur Madhava Chakyar was performing, and in front of him were rows of empty chairs.

15 Jul 2017

A taxing period

Center’s decision under GST to place sanitary pads in the non-essential tax bracket has whipped up a big storm.

12 Jul 2017

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