Neelanjana Singh

Plants that heal the mind and body

We need our forests, wetlands and foliage, often much more than we need the concrete jungles.

30 Sep 2020

Food for your mood

Although we commonly associate good nutrition with better physical health, we hardly pay attention to the impact of food on our mental and emotional well-being.

02 Sep 2020

The truth about Alkaline water

However, the extensive range of bottled water on the market tells us that it surely has the attention of entrepreneurs.

30 Aug 2020

The life changing magic of chutney

Chutney has an almost magical power to transform an ordinary meal into one that looks enticing, tastes great, and brims with nutrients.

19 Aug 2020

The right measure of immunity for your body

All the herbs and spices that we count on as natural immunity-boosters, contain bioactive chemicals and an excessive intake of these can interfere with the natural processes of the body.

12 Aug 2020

The hygiene test for COVID-19 

According to the hypothesis, limited exposure to microorganisms due to an extremely sterile environment in the early period after birth can derail the innate immune system

05 Aug 2020

Eat right to sleep right

In the world that we live, surviving on little to no sleep is hailed as a superpower.

29 Jul 2020

The art of protein combos

It is only during this pandemic that we’ve started to recognise the immunity- boosting role of proteins. Nevertheless, protein remains a largely neglected nutrient in our country.

22 Jul 2020

Importance of Vitamin C, then & now

Amla is enjoyed as a fresh fruit in this season, but is available in abundance round the year as the key ingredient in chyawanprash, amla candy, powders and pickles.

15 Jul 2020

Nature’s pharmacy: The medicinal value of various plants 

The Moringa or drumstick tree is one such example. Another example is the Arjuna tree, the bark of which makes an excellent heart tonic.

08 Jul 2020

The Elixir that is nitric oxide

The nitric oxide produced by these WBCs, combined with other molecules also produced by these cells, form agents that destroy harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses.

01 Jul 2020

The Pricelessness of Exercise

Even when it comes to exercises for the upkeep of mental health, there are many practices to choose from.

24 Jun 2020

How internet contributes to misinformation on motherhood practices during COVID-19 times

There’s too much information out there, much of which is incorrect and inaccurate. To top that, there are the notorious WhatsApp forwards claiming to be the last word on best practices.

17 Jun 2020

The truth about gluten-free diets

Lifestyle and dietary changes with long-term benefits fare much better than gimmicks such as gluten exclusion.

10 Jun 2020

Breathe your way to good health

Quite evidently, the air that we breathe gains priority over the food that we need to survive. Moreover, food cannot be utilised by the body when there is no oxygen to break it down.

03 Jun 2020

Two foods that help increase your immunity

Traditional knowledge about turmeric has been backed by science to prove that its extracts can increase antibody production, and therefore fight the onslaught of infections in the body.

27 May 2020

Tips to control emotional eating

This marks the beginning of the vicious cycle of wanting more of such pleasurable foods.

21 May 2020

The many roles that women play every day

In the current times, it is worthwhile to recount the lead taken by women who are at the forefront of fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

13 May 2020

Proteins to the rescue

This is primarily because our meals are predominantly carbohydrate based.

06 May 2020

Nutrition Therapist Neelanjana Singh on food hygiene during coronavirus

Until now, there is no evidence to indicate that food can carry the infection. The spread or transmission of the virus through food has not yet been reported.

29 Apr 2020

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