Neha Kirpal

Dr Bharat Jayram Venkat speaks on writing a book on India’s battle against tuberculosis

Dr Bharat Jayram Venkat speaks with Neha Kirpal about writing a book on India’s battle against tuberculosis, discovering myths around it, and the future of cure.

03 Sep 2022

‘Most of My Characters Came to Me Fully Formed’

Meeti Shroff-Shah speaks to Neha Kirpal about her latest murder mystery and what inspires her to write 

05 Aug 2022

Eco-therapy, forest bathing and much more: 19th-century mansion in Shimla assures you the peace you deserve

A palatial 19th-century bungalow in Shimla has a fascinating history and wilderness vibes that take you close to nature

30 Jul 2022

My characters come from people I have met over the years: 'Ruffled Feathers' author Sanjay Kumar

"I write about the times I have lived in. It is natural that religion and politics feature in my narratives. I respect my readers. I don’t begin with an agenda in these matters," Sanjay Kumar.

24 Jul 2022

Book review: 'Lessons in Chemistry' | The chemistry of cooking

It’s the early 1960s in California and our heroine is an unconventional scientist Elizabeth Zott.

04 Jun 2022

The God Raga

Suchismita Das Banerjee’s latest single Damaru is an amalgamation of Indian Classical music, modern Hip-Hop and EDM.

14 May 2022

Going with the Plan

Actor-influencer Khushaal Pawar will be next seen in the Netflix film Plan A Plan B

30 Apr 2022

Vibrant Strokes

Known as India’s foremost colour-field artist, Khairnar draws inspiration from nature.

30 Apr 2022

Music to Learners’ Ears

An online academy with singers such as Sonu Nigam and Shubha Mudgal on its board offers courses in different forms of music.

22 Apr 2022

A platterful of memories

Bengali American writer and one of the most celebrated culinary historians Chitrita Banerji grew up in a Calcutta home devoted to food.

16 Apr 2022

Creative leap of faith 

From the centre of the dome of the Rani Mahal in Neemrana’s Tijara Fort palace are suspended six human-like figures glistening in the sunlight bouncing off their bronze bodies.

16 Apr 2022

Striking the Right Chord

RIKA has bagged the Artist of the Year, ASIA award at 18th annual Urban Music Awards, 2022.

09 Apr 2022

Will the real Salil stand up?

At the centre of the limited-episode series streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar, is a man dealing with a multiple personality disorder

02 Apr 2022

Floral fundamentalist

It is their “positive energy” that Aggarwal has explored in her first-ever solo exhibition  of over 20 paintings. 

02 Apr 2022

Discontentment unlimited

She begins by criticising Trump—“one of the biggest failures of all time”, his followers and the US in general, to men and patriarchy the world over.

12 Mar 2022

The Truth about Cats and Dogs

Two anthologies talk about the most valued pets in Indian homes

25 Feb 2022

Melody on the move

The Mumbai-based organisation, The Sound Space, plans to start ‘Music on Wheels’ that will move around the city’s bastis with a music teacher and an attendant.

19 Feb 2022

‘There are Always Two Sides to a Story’

Following his latest release Looop Lapeta, actor Tahir Raj Bhasin reveals how he gets into the skin of every character he portrays—be it a romantic lead or a villain

05 Feb 2022

Smriti Irani introduces her debut book 'Lal Salaam'

A political thriller set in the backdrop of encounter killings and gruesome murders

22 Jan 2022

Time Travel: Of thinnai, the Stone of Sita and a Pondicherry that was an 'artificial paradise'

The book is beautifully translated from the French original by Blake Smith, a historian who specialises in the cultural exchange between France and India.

02 Jan 2022

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