Neha Sinha

Life lessons from my animal teachers

Around him, the forest resonated with life. Black drongos flitted between tree tops, breaking out into hunting dives. 

26 Nov 2023

Soaking in the wonders of wetlands

These are damselflies, odonates that are like a delicate version of a dragonfly. You could be surrounded by damselflies and not know it...

04 Nov 2023

Day of the Dragonfly

If you like a bird or animal, don’t stop at admiring its beauty, colour, or plumage. The more you uncover connections, the more complex a picture will emerge.

01 Oct 2023

Hoping for hoopoes to be garden kings again

As a child, I thought I was looking at a woodpecker—one that pecked the ground, not trees.

02 Sep 2023

Moth not to the flame, but to our hearts

We would go away richer with the knowledge of moth diversity around us, and they would flap away as soon as we switched off the light.

04 Aug 2023

Chasing the magic of monsoon

Having access to places where we can walk, slip and slide, as the monsoon carves out streams, waterfalls and ponds, should be the beginning of finding ourselves.

08 Jul 2023

Batting for bats and a better future

The strange thing about bats is that like their bodies, they turn our expectations upside-down.

08 Jun 2023

Isreal Conflict