Neil McCallum

Locking eyes for a lockdown haircut

A few weeks into Lockdown No 1 he could stand it no longer and asked me if I’d be willing to attempt a trim. I said I’d be delighted.

12 Mar 2021

A load of collective nouns

It is there to separate those who know the language from those who don’t and to enhance the power of the former at the expense of the latter. 

20 Feb 2021

To block or not to block is the question 

Yet such organisations still argue that they are simply a neutral platform for social networking.

30 Jan 2021

In praise of the post

Isn’t there something quite wonderful about the energy expended by so many to make sure all these cards and letters do in fact get through?

09 Jan 2021

Charisma is Otherworldly

Charismatic is, like iconic, a term too glibly applied.

12 Dec 2020

How fraudsters were 'unmasked' during a pandemic

The fraud was discovered and thanks to some nifty footwork and a high level of coordination, the money recovered and the fraudsters, Interpol’s pun, not mine, unmasked.

21 Nov 2020

Corruption contrast: When guilt or indifference depends on one's geography

There is a real contrast between countries in which public money is perceived as belonging to everyone, and those where the public purse belongs to no one.

30 Oct 2020

Perils of social media oversharing: Our unfortunate compulsion to confide

It’s as though we fear that if no one else can see our life, we might not actually be living it. That if we aren’t proclaiming our views, no matter how ill informed, we might not have any.

25 Sep 2020

On the sad tragedy of history and perceptions of exceptionalism

To ascribe to any one nation, creed or race, consistent and competent evil is as simplistic as to believe that within it resides true virtue.

29 Aug 2020

The hypocrisy of apologies: Britain, slavery and honest education

We Brits are widely regarded as obsessive apologisers. Supposedly the average English person says sorry at least eight times every day.

01 Aug 2020

Old white men’s legs

Let me be clear: I am of the ‘male, pale and stale’ cohort myself, as one of my young, female and black colleagues likes to describe my type.

04 Jul 2020

In praise of the humble filing clerk

We inhabit a multi-truth world, where my truth, based on nothing more than my own crackpot notions, is as worthy as yours, though it be supported by mountains of facts.

20 Jun 2020