Niharika Saila

On a mission to preserve tribal tunes

Inclined towards pop culture, new generations neglect traditional music

28 May 2023

Form panel to explore alternatives for NH widening: NGT

The formation of the committee is a response to this resistance, and the petitioners hope that it will assist the NHAI in finding an inclusive solution that prioritises the preservation of trees.

26 May 2023

NGT directs NHAI to avoid cutting Chevella banyans

The agecy has been told to come up with alternative plan for widening of the 46-km road stretch along NH-163

17 Apr 2023

Saving the world, one step at a time

Divya Nawale is no ordinary woman. A climate activist and eco-advocate, Divya has visited all seven continents on Earth to deliver talks on climate change. 

16 Apr 2023

Telangana's tiger conservation efforts ‘very good’, finds MEE

On the other hand, creating a favourable habitat for the big cats in the Kawal Tiger Reserve has been a tough task.

11 Apr 2023

Ecotourism initiative to boost income of rural communities in Medak

Tourists will get a chance to experience the rich heritage of the forests, including local food, customs, and traditions, curated and explained by the native tribal communities.

07 Apr 2023

Ultimate goal is to win Olympic medal for India: Nikhat Zareen

She also encouraged other women to take up the sport, as she believes with hard work they can make a strong career and that it helps in being strong mentally and physically.

04 Apr 2023

Making fast fashion sustainable

To reduce the amount of hard-to-decompose fabrics ending up in landfills, a Hyderabad-based startup is entering the field of recycling ‘fashion’

02 Apr 2023

Dhan 63: IIRR develops biofortified rice rich in zinc, other minerals

There is also a need to create awareness and popularise these varieties among people and farmers.

31 Mar 2023

Documenting the ordinary

Reminding people to savour the ordinary while still honouring the ideal, Prof Rao has been collecting nomadic artefacts for decades

26 Mar 2023

MoD cancels elections to 57 cantonment boards, including SCB

The conduct of Cantonment Board elections is necessary as the board becomes a headless institute without a leader.

18 Mar 2023

Salar Jung Museum goes virtual

Digitalised versions of rare collections are on display on Google Arts and Culture platform

15 Mar 2023

‘Hyderabad, Bengaluru saw peak winter pollution’

The winter season is widely regarded as the most polluted time of the year due to unfavourable meteorological conditions and atmospheric changes.

13 Mar 2023

Bringing Perini Natyam back

A 33-yr-old dancer is taking the world by storm with the ancient dance form and working to take it to the public

12 Mar 2023

Telangana sees improvement in bio-medical waste disposal in four-year period

However, stakeholders point out that there is a need to provide regular training to the medical staff on proper disposal and segregation of BMW.

06 Mar 2023