Nikhil Jayakrishnan

Chennai: Meridian Global Ventures chairman promises potential and partnership

What are the avenues available for Indian entrepreneurs in  Uganda? Vinod Saraogi of the Ugandan Consulate in Chennai provides the details

28 Dec 2022

'Iqbal Mohamed - In Harmony with Nature': Zooming into a lensman’s heart

Pursuing Iqbal’s closeness with nature often required members of the crew to get down and dirty.

27 Dec 2022

‘The human voice is a singing voice’: Ananth Vaidyanathan

Ananth has joined hands with the Mumbai-based Artium Academy, co-founded by Ashish Joshi and Vivek Raicha, to offer an online course in Karaoke and Stage Skills.

26 Dec 2022

Ringing in 50 years with words and images

The keynote speaker was Prof Jonathan Gil Harris from Ashoka University, whose book Masala Shakespeare explored the bard’s enduring influence on India’s cultural fabric.

15 Dec 2022

Spooky success repeated

Each story is set in several different places within India, sometimes even outside, an indicator of the breadth of Tanushree’s travels.

13 Dec 2022

Tamil Nadu: The temple that inspired the bards

The event will be a talk interspersed with musical interludes, remarked Chithra, who will elaborate on the temple’s origins, the architecture, deities, and the traditional stories associated with it.

12 Dec 2022

Entranced by the mystical

The name Vedanth Bharadwaj might ring a bell with some moviegoers. Back in 2017, he, along with Bindumalini, composed music for the highly-acclaimed Tamil film Aruvi.

10 Dec 2022

Notes that aid a cause

Through his fifth blindfolded concert, pianist Anil Srinivasan  furthers his mission to empower the visually challenged

10 Dec 2022

Going gourmet in new territories

As Amma naana, Chennai’s premier gourmet store, opens a new outlet on ECR, CEO Senthil Raj takes a trip down memory lane — their success, challenges and opportunities.

08 Dec 2022

Culinary memories from Singapore

Masterchef Australia winner Sashi Cheliah comes to Chennai with his upcoming cookbook, a culmination of childhood favourite recipes.

07 Dec 2022

Thailand National Day: Celebrating a centuries-old bond

Thailand’s National Day Celebrations at the Taj Coromandel focused on Thailand’s bilateral relations with India and the Tamil Nadu Government.

07 Dec 2022

Sweet success

Basha Halwawallah’s modest appearance belies its long tradition of artisanal sweet making and significance as a cultural marker

06 Dec 2022

Creating ripples on metal

Shalini Biswajit shines the spotlight on the need for water conversation with her art installation Kalpavriksha at Spencer Plaza

06 Dec 2022

A domestic thriller from the UK 'Edgar and Annabel' comes to town

The opportunityto stage this production finally arrived in September.

30 Nov 2022

A musical comeback

The initial pairing produced three songs, with vocals provided by Aashiq, another friend.

29 Nov 2022