Dolls that jump out of frames

One of the pioneers of lithographic printing in India, Raja Ravi Varma used the medium to popularise his work and flooded the market with prints depicting scenes from Hindu mythology.

15 Sep 2022

Fitness fundas from the first meal

Dr Thangamani shares nutritional tips on boosting your hormonal health with a healthy breakfast 

14 Sep 2022

'AkiMi’s Gourmet' by Akila Vankalapathi and Midhila Ravi: Where great taste meets good health

AkiMi’s Gourmet by Akila Vankalapathi and Midhila Ravi aims to become the one-stop healthy dessert destination for all your sweet cravings

12 Sep 2022

Opening doors to handspun revival 

S Shanmugam, through his organisation Thari Aadaiyagam, hopes to empower handloom weavers in Tamil Nadu 

08 Sep 2022

The silver jubilee drama troupe

Ahead of their silver jubilee, Dummies Drama writer Sreevathson looks back at the struggles and successes of the theatre troup

07 Sep 2022

Labour of love on sandalwood

It is a practice that demands meticulous attention to detail, and his works are a draw among the clients who visit his store.

01 Sep 2022

An ode to the elixir of life

Muhilann Murugan, programmes director at DakshinaChitra, says, “Water is a much-valued resource across all civilisations.

01 Sep 2022

Caring for cramps

Dr Mohammed Ismail from Prashanth Hospitals shares symptoms and treatment options for cramps in men 

31 Aug 2022

A mosaic of memories: Exploring Chennai's iconic buildings

An environmentalist might paint a different picture through an ecological study of the region.

27 Aug 2022

Dialogues on a dynasty

The prelude to Madras Week took history enthusiasts back in time to the reign of Pallavas and their several contributions to TN’s landscape

25 Aug 2022

Pedalling through the bylanes of time

It was barely five in the morning when a group of cyclists gathered at TTDC near the War Memorial on Sunday.

24 Aug 2022

Colonial cache in cards

Wheeling back the pages of time, historian Venkatesh Ramakrishnan gives us a glimpse of ‘Serving the Raj’

24 Aug 2022

Recalling the Madras of Yore

Storytellers Vikram Sridhar and Geeta Ramanujam enthralled an eager audience at Madras Literary Society on the stories of the city

23 Aug 2022

On a culinary trip to Travancore

At the ongoing Travancore Food Festival at Crowne Plaza, Dakshin restaurant is regaling their patrons with a slice of south Kerala cuisine

20 Aug 2022

Commemorating soldiers & weavers

Whatever profits we earn from this we distribute among the weavers.” He went on to valourise the sacrifices of the country’s armed forces. 

16 Aug 2022