Chennai encapsulated in a room 

Balachander, on the other hand, describes himself as “core Chennai”, in the sense that his roots in the city go far back as 200-250 years.

16 Aug 2022

Time travel through a chess book

A rare book on chess in the Madras Literary Society collection offers a glimpse into the minds of one of the greats

13 Aug 2022

Honouring doyen of theatre

It’s been more than a decade since the passing of Mithran Devanesan, but his legacy continues to live on in Chennai’s theatre circuit.

11 Aug 2022

Covelong Classic 2022: High spirits

The sun that set on Sunday evening was witness to an evening of high emotion and spirits, as the Covelong Classic 2022 drew to a close at Kovalam.

11 Aug 2022

Awaiting the right move

Persons with Disabilities and activists share their grievances on inaccessibility at the ongoing Chess Olympiad and how it could have been made better

10 Aug 2022

Looking out for the liver

A balanced diet, regular exercise and regulation of weight are what you need to be kind to your liver, say experts

10 Aug 2022

Lifetime’s tryst with chess

My first brush with chess was as a four-year-old, and I was introduced to the game by my father, who was deeply passionate about it.

09 Aug 2022

Value Beyond 2.0: Value for your walls

The themes are varied religious, folk, abstract, contemporary etc, making it a very eclectic selection.

08 Aug 2022

From chess to cookies

If you were ever aware of August 4 being Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, chances are you might have binged on cookies with dollops of ice cream, as it was originally meant to be consumed.

06 Aug 2022

Decades of Motorcycle Diaries

Movie veteran Raju Easwaran opens up about his lifelong passion for motorbiking, experiences of past travels and tribulations, and plans for the long road ahead

04 Aug 2022

Beatlemania comes to Chennai

More than half a century since the release of their last album Abbey Road, The Beatles continue to remain the cornerstone of popular music.

04 Aug 2022

Chess takes over the vasapadi

Chess is just about everywhere these days hoardings, print and television ads and endless memes on social media.

02 Aug 2022

Game for some green talk?

Madras Inherited and Palluyir Trust indulged Chennaiites in a game of greenery to initiate a dialogue on the city’s ecology

26 Jul 2022

Longwinded route to success

For Vignesh, whose grandfather was a silambattam practitioner and father, a sportsperson, it seemed only natural that he should take to sport with about as much ease as a fish taking to water.

26 Jul 2022

A Slice of Persia, a Dash of India

For chef Nasrin Karimi, it is a distillation of her life in India, which has been home to her since 1980, when she left Iran in the aftermath of the revolution in 1979 and moved to Madras.

26 Jul 2022