A Sight and Sound Extravaganza

The album also features an elaborate string section courtesy of Tenor Strings, a 20-piece string orchestra headed by Francis Rozario.

22 Jul 2022

Art-making as therapy

The walls of Wild Garden, the café at Amethyst, are adorned with artworks of several individuals.

20 Jul 2022

A confluence of cultures

Amir Mahal, the ancestral residence of the Prince of Arcot was witness to an unusual event on Sunday.

19 Jul 2022

For children,by children

Eleven students of Bloomsbridge Academy get their stories published in book form

19 Jul 2022

World Snake Day: A slithering success

Shravan Krishnan of Annie Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary opens up about snake rescue, the many unethical practices in the area, and dispels snake myths.

17 Jul 2022

Towards equestrian excellence

Lt Col Dr Samuel Premkumar urged the students on the need to fit themselves into this nation-building project.

16 Jul 2022

Biz that made the buzz

A walk along Kutchery Road by Madras Inherited brought alive the rich mercantile legacy contained in a single street

13 Jul 2022

Indigenous craft gets international appeal

A recent talk by INTACH Chennai chapter drew attention to the terracotta horse dolls of Tamil Nadu, their making and significance

12 Jul 2022

Chennai NGO iAdopt becomes gateway to adopt and foster pets

In the two years since its founding in 2020, iAdopt has held around 12 adoption drives in the city, and they've helped several stray, abandoned and diseased animals find a new home.

11 Jul 2022

Kindhan Charithiram team comes to Chennai

This weekend, the production, a collaboration between Indianostrum Theatre and Perch, will be staged for the first time outside Puducherry, where it had its genesis.

09 Jul 2022

Tales of broken men

“We wanted to create a conversation around how men are sometimes at the receiving end of a patriarchal society, despite the world being still male-dominated,” says Charles, adding,

07 Jul 2022

Sudha G Tilak's journey from journalism to translation of literary works

Journalist and author Sudha G Tilak on why Karichan Kunju’s Tamil novel ‘Pasitha Maanidam’, which is centred on themes such as sexual politics and caste superiority, deserves a wider readership

06 Jul 2022

Problems of the past persist in the present

With its raw depictions of caste and gender politics among other issues, Karichan Kunju’s novel Pasitha Maanidam remains one of the landmarks of Tamil literature from the 1970s.

06 Jul 2022