Nikita Sharma 

Employees' well-being: Various organisations set their top agenda for COVID-19

To ease the burden of the health-and-economic crisis brought upon by the pandemic on their employees, several companies have come forward with initiatives for their workforce.

24 Jun 2021

Immortalising women artisans and khadi

Rakhein Hausla Aagey Badhe Hum, Shehron se Gaon Tak Judte Chalein Hum. (Let’s be courageous and move ahead, and keep connecting the cities to villages).

31 Dec 2020

Personal accounts of wearing a crown

The pageant received over 4,000 applications, of which 800 candidates auditioned, 100 were shortlisted, and competed for the title.

26 Nov 2020

From sarangi to singing: A look at Nabeel Khan's artistic journey

Nabeel Khan became a sarangi sensation at seven under the guidance of his grandfather Padma Bhushan awardee Ustad Sabri Khan and father Ustad Nasir Khan, and continues their legacy.

10 Nov 2020

Doodler with a mission

An Instagram page by Bhavya Doshi is motivating people in these tough times

15 Sep 2020

Hotel Delmaar: Of avocado toasts and apple pies

Passing by this hotel with a classy off-white exterior, I always used to wonder what lies beyond those louvered windows but never really dared to explore. Until now.

13 Mar 2020

Everything about beauty

A total of 50 studios, 25 makeup artists and 25 brands from across India will assist visitors with their queries. 

18 Dec 2019