Nirad Mudur

Simply scientifico: Snooping for safer pipelines

The new monitoring method limits gas diversions, which allows siphoning off gas without being metered, an act that can affect the pipelines and cause leaks posing a warning. 

27 Jan 2023

Permissible drinking age without surveillance is as good as no rule on it

Well-meaning advice comes by the dozen. Discouraging the youth to stay away from alcohol makes sense, and for a good reason.

21 Jan 2023

Simply Scientifico

Obtaining samples from water or soil is easy, but other habitats – such as the forest canopy – are difficult for researchers to access.

20 Jan 2023

Until the day comes with your name written on it...

Often, things do not work out as planned. You grow up thinking you will be something, but end up as something else.

17 Jan 2023

Simply scientifico: Memory lost in sleep deprivation is not loss, say Scientists

The team has found a way to make this ‘hidden knowledge’ accessible after studying whilst sleep-deprived using optogenetic approaches.

13 Jan 2023

Are we missing literary bus to weld communities together?

There is dissent in sections of the Kannada literary circle over a large number of Muslim Kannada scholars being excluded from the event.

07 Jan 2023

Simply scientifico

People who travel more outside of their local area feel they are healthier than those who stay closer to home, finds a new study led by University College of London researchers.

06 Jan 2023

People must stand beyond and above the interstate border dispute

It is just poor governance and lack of attention to the needs of people and their livelihood, in preference for keeping the border issue alive, that is causing this.

24 Dec 2022

Simply Scientifico

The results will help measure the tangible benefits of roadside vegetation and landscape development and improve sustainability along the roadways. 

23 Dec 2022

Bengaluru and its great dog-fight

Almost every street has a pack of dogs that holds sway over a territory. Their territorial boundaries keep expanding and shrinking.

20 Dec 2022

Simply Scientifico

A University of Cambridge study has found that about 80% of pedestrians take routes with obstacles like balancing beams, stepping stones and high steps over safe pavements.

16 Dec 2022

Simply Scientifico

While the virus that causes COVID-19 is present in human waste, there is yet no conclusive evidence to show it spreads through toilets.

09 Dec 2022

Simply scientifico: Online orders to reach you a little faster

The time between placing order on e-commerce sites and getting it delivered could soon shrink significantly.

02 Dec 2022

Simply Scientifico: Low-cost sensor to monitor area-wide flooding, and more

The latest from the world of science and tech.

25 Nov 2022

Simply Scientifico

We are a significant step closer to having a robot do our bidding while helping with domestic chores, or even actively participate in search and rescue operations.

18 Nov 2022