Nirad Mudur

Finding humour through a mask in this war against Covid-19

In this war - it can be justifiably described as that - every individual needs to be a fortress, the mask being the prime one, vaccination or not.

18 May 2021

If people not careful, government not prepared, Karnataka will be hit by waves of pandemic: Experts

We are not done yet as experts are issuing warnings about a third wave, likely to be deadlier than the second. It appears that there is no end to the suffering.

09 May 2021

Shocker: Bengaluru alone topples states of Andhra, TN, Telangana in active Covid cases

According to health officials, the detection of cases has gone up because of the increased testing.

01 May 2021

Want to go down without a fight, soldier?

There is an invigorating romanticism when it comes to defending our land. That’s why we revere those bravehearts, our soldiers, keeping vigil at our borders. We hear tales of valour.

20 Apr 2021

We are still under the ‘Crown’, so mind it!

And how are we reacting to it? Like as if the virus and the Covid-19 pandemic has gone away with the year 2020.

23 Mar 2021

IISc study shows higher, faster COVID mutations in Bengaluru than national, global average

It found that the three Bengaluru isolates analysed had 27 mutations in the viral genomes with over 11 mutations per sample — more than both the national average of 8.4 and global average of 7.3.

05 Mar 2021

Disagreement? Let’s try to work it out

In school, as a 12-year-old, I remember the day when my friend was beaten up by bullies in our class.

09 Feb 2021

Unmanned traffic management for drones in the pipeline

A high-powered committee has been constituted with representative also from the private sector to look into the draft rules and safe functioning of drones.

04 Feb 2021

Suryakiran, Sarang teams steal hearts at Aero India 2021 dress rehearsal in Bengaluru

The star attraction of the show was the two teams drawing a heart each using trail smoke against the background of the blue sky, triggering gasps among the audience watching the spectacle from below

03 Feb 2021

Happier, safer 2021! listen up, corona

Every year, when it nears its end, there is hope expressed for a better one to come.

22 Dec 2020

Chandrayaan-2: ISRO feels 'tilted' Vikram may have compromised experiments on lunar soil

The scientists have also said it is best to now focus on the orbiter which continues to orbit the moon with its eight payloads intact and functioning normally.

09 Sep 2019

ISRO, Israel’s SpaceIL may exchange notes on each other's lander ‘crashes’ on moon

The two space agencies plan to put their heads together to find out common factors in the powered descent of both the landers which caused them to lose communication links in the last few moments.

09 Sep 2019