Nripendra Misra

War Against Criminals Not Over

The parties may continue to field candidates with serious criminal cases because of their winnability factor

25 Mar 2014

Miles to Go for Ombudsman

Awakened civil society that forced the birth of Lokpal is the best disinfectant to thwart attempts of sabotage

30 Dec 2013

A Rationale for Fifth Pillar

It is evident that voters’ indifference has significantly contributed to the insensitive and lacklustre governance

02 Dec 2013

Guarantee sans accountability

Monitoring of implementation at the ground level forms a vital aspect of the Act for delivery of public services.

26 Aug 2013

Tough law on gender crimes

The ghastliness of the assault on a young woman in the capital city on December 16 has unfolded the macabre reality of our society.

04 Feb 2013

Lessons from coalgate

24 Sep 2012