Ornella D’Souza

Cutting edge(d) weapons to get a new home

Preparations to set up National Museum’s new Arms & Armour Gallery at a Red Fort barrack by December are in full-swing

06 Nov 2021

The cost of being a Kabuliwala

As Afghanistan careers towards another possible civil war, its refugees in Delhi continue to try and find their feet

26 Jul 2021

Of diverse ideas and spatial dynamics

These monochromatic gestures of ink and graphite on rice paper layered on archival paper experiments combine her singular involvement with abstraction and personal brush with Covid.

12 Jul 2021

Between the valley and the wails

Journalist and writer Suhas Munshi encapsulates Jammu & Kashmir as it is, the dream of an India united, and the divisions of today within a single book 

01 Jul 2021

Digital dreams of an Open Access Advocate

Offering a steady platform for these whimsical imageries is THL, a digital media foundation for cultural heritage enthusiasts.

19 May 2021

Finding bliss on a hospital bed

For Malviya Nagar resident, Sahil Bagga, it started with a cough and ended with a rebirth of sorts. He had received his first jab on March 20 but tested positive on April 13.

13 May 2021

A treat for the Covid positive

The main reason behind rolling out such an eclectic menu, for Khandelwal, stemmed from this innate need to help.

27 Apr 2021

Parts of a whole

Viewing an art exhibition when the artist is present is the best way to get a ringside view of their thoughts.

19 Mar 2021