Ornella D’Souza

A treat for the Covid positive

The main reason behind rolling out such an eclectic menu, for Khandelwal, stemmed from this innate need to help.

27 Apr 2021

Parts of a whole

Viewing an art exhibition when the artist is present is the best way to get a ringside view of their thoughts.

19 Mar 2021

Court seeks police report as case filed against Payal Rohatgi over offensive tweets

The court has directed Delhi Police to file an ATR (action taken report) by March 15, which is the date of the next hearing.

13 Feb 2021

Justice, but at what cost?

Since last year, every time Pinjra Tod activists Natasha Narwal and Devangana Kalita secured bail, the Delhi Police promptly rearrested them on new charges.

07 Jan 2021

Pushing boundaries of art and time

Why Delhi-based EnGendered decided to postpone its 2020 participation in Italy’s top art fair, Artissima 

03 Nov 2020

Under the magic spell

How illusionist Raj Kumar and his family of magicians have adapted to the whims of the pandemic 

12 Oct 2020

#BabaKaDhaba: How netizens and Delhi locals managed to wipe tears of an octogenarian couple

The stall, literally a bolt of blue on the busy street, had bloggers, media and people pouring in, leaving bags of rice, wheat and other ration. 

09 Oct 2020

All eyes on Akhtar, Architect of Ayodhya Mosque Complex

A tête-à-tête with the design mind behind the Ayodhya Mosque Complex

09 Sep 2020

Perils of wearing masks during yoga amid coronavirus

Yoga teachers and medical professionals on whether it is safe to do yoga at a public institute with a visor and no mask

08 Aug 2020

Touring Qutub Minar after weeks-long shutdown due to COVID-19

With a handful of visitors, some of the Mughal era monuments in the Capital offer rare sights to behold in the pandemic.

17 Jul 2020

We look for success in the wrong places: Rajat Barmecha

Perhaps growing a thick skin tided Rajat Barmecha through his own disappointments in the Bollywood industry.

26 Jun 2020

Layoffs, salary cuts become new COVID-19 norms

Much needs to be done about the art of delivering bad news (salary cuts and layoffs) in the pandemic with dignity

26 May 2020

COVID-19: Taking it one day at a time, says Bhavna Kakar editor of 'Take on Art'

Our participation with a two-person exhibit in Art Dubai was cancelled, and so was an all-women show scheduled to open on March 30 at Nehru Centre, London.

05 May 2020

‘Quite a coincidence that we are having her show at this time’

On April 25, the Indian-born American artist passed away at age 83 in London after a prolonged illness.

27 Apr 2020

My pets are my destressers: Delhi-based artist Seema Kohli

Kohli speaks on life with her two Labradors and one ginger cat after the COVID-19 lockdown was imposed.

21 Apr 2020

Be what you want to be

Why it is okay to come out of the pandemic not having made dalgona coffee or done an online course

18 Apr 2020

COVID-19: Sunaina Anand, Director of Art Alive Gallery says everyone fears the same things now

The first few days were mentally disturbing with new regulations coming in daily.

08 Apr 2020

End of a beautiful era: People remember artist Satish Gujral

It’s like the end of a beautiful era. His encouragement to the art world, wit, and contribution, is irreplaceable.

28 Mar 2020

Taming the art of watercolour

Many artists find painting in watercolour quite nightmarish, given that it has a mind of its own, magnifies every wrong turn of the brush, dries at a different pace in different climates.

15 Mar 2020

Protest art: Twin brothers' cartoons give satirical bent to milestones of anti-CAA stir

Political illustrations and animation videos on the anti-CAA protests by twins Saswata and Susrata Mukherjee are creating a storm.

02 Mar 2020

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