P Thiruselvam

Perambalur, Ariyalur hopeful of development as Sivasankar becomes region's first State Minister

Ending a decades-long wait, a legislative member from the districts of Ariyalur and Perambalur for the first time has secured a post in the State Cabinet.

08 May 2021

Math teacher from Tamil Nadu's Perambalur donates Rs 50,000 for students' mobile phones

The maths teacher handed over a demand draft worth Rs 50000 as 'COVID-19 fund' to the district collector to help people who have been affected by the second wave.

02 May 2021

Dog ownership, breeding rise by 25% during lockdown in Tiruchy

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole,” said American wildlife photographer and writer Roger Caras once.

02 May 2021

Perambalur: Govt school teacher hands over Rs 50k as Covid relief

A government school teacher in Perambalur district handed over Demand Draft worth Rs 50,000 to District Collector P Sri Venkata Priya to help Covid patients on Friday.

01 May 2021

Lockdown did not stop these TN students from returning to school daily for a noble cause

B Bharathipriya, a Class X student, said, "My house is near the school and to get some relaxation I come here daily and water the saplings I planted."

16 Apr 2021

Different faiths, same heartbeat: A 'till death do us part' friendship in TN's Ariyalur

They were friends since their youth and residents of the same street. Despite belonging to different communities, they spent their lives together as the best of friends.

09 Apr 2021

COVID-19 kits given to 4,000 students in Perambalur

Headmaster P Sekar and teachers were present on the occasion. “Coronavirus is creating great fear among students, diverting their attention from studies.

05 Apr 2021

Agri officer couple grows own veggies on terrace

With the help of his wife and two children, Kannan said that he set up a terrace garden at his house in Perambalur and grows vegetables by organic method and uses them for daily needs.

29 Mar 2021

Tamil Nadu elections 2021: Unfinished AIADMK government projects concern for Kunnam people

The AIADMK-PMK alliance poses a tough battle for DMK candidate SS Sivasankar in the Kunnam Assembly constituency.

29 Mar 2021

Tamil Nadu assembly elections: Will Tamilselvan score a hat-trick in Perambalur?

Tamilselvan claimed that in the last 10 years, he has brought new buildings for the Perambalur Government Hospital, schools and new bus stops.

20 Mar 2021

Environmentalist ‘Maram’ Karuppaiya passes away, wanted funeral visitors to be given saplings

He planted traditional varieties like Neem, Pungan and Tamarind trees. Many of the saplings planted by him have grown into a large tree now.

14 Mar 2021

Tamil Nadu polls: Can a photo lead to victory? PMK cadres think so

Senior PMK functionary has taken up a door-to-door campaign seeking votes from each Vanniyar household in Ariyalur district, by handing them out an A3 size portrait of party leaders.

09 Mar 2021

He has planted more than 400 saplings in over 15 years

A farmer of Alunthalaipur village, fondly called as 'Alamaram Velupillai' in the locality has been growing more than 400 trees, including banyan (Alamaram) and peepal trees in four villages.

08 Mar 2021

‘BSP’s ticket to Anitha’s brother is just to garner vote’

The family of late MBBS aspirant Anitha condemned the Bahujan Samaj Party for announcing one of the girl's brothers as their MLA candidate for Kunnam, an Assembly constituency in Perambalur district.

01 Mar 2021

Perambalur farmer cultivates more than 200 kinds of herbal plants

Mohana Krishnan of T Kalathur has been collecting the herbal plants from various hills including Pachchamalai, Kollimalai and Narthamalai since 1995 and grows them on his three acres of land.

22 Feb 2021