Pallavi Rebbapragada

We will open standalone boutique at the right time

luxury goods purveyor Longchamp was founded in 1948.Today, it owns more than 300 stores globally.

12 Sep 2016

What happens when you think inside the box

There is a growing overcapacity and a lack of space on ports.

10 Sep 2016

Sun power: a new solar policy has risen

The cabinet approved Delhi’s Solar Energy Policy which aims to make Delhi a solar city of 1,000 megawatt by 2020

15 Aug 2016

Breakdown and begin again

The book describes the idea of a post-circumstance era, where people can rethink their futures

13 Aug 2016

Obama, Malala to join child rights crusade in Delhi

A World Bank study done in 50 countries estimates every year of schooling will return 0.37 per cent GDP growth rate

07 Aug 2016

Plight of Gravediggers: The Eternity of Another Costs Somebody's Today

Grave diggers of the capital city are traumatised by municipal laxity, pitiable salaries and criminal threats

05 Aug 2016

'Let's make the idea of India a fine one'

V Sunil, has co-founded an idea incubation company Motherland Joint Ventures, read more about his initiative

18 Jul 2016

Home is where the heart isn't

Laws confuse delinquents and street children with orphans and burden institutions

17 Jul 2016

Indian culture dances in terror-hit Dhaka

Lubna Marium, dancer and art director says the greed for petro-dollars and migration to the Middle-East.

10 Jul 2016

The great Indian game plan

Presenting the characters and plots in India’s new toy story.

03 Jul 2016

Just another well-mannered woman who loves to pull a stunt

Radha’s sisters cry each time they see her putting her life at risk, especially when she lets go off the handles.

03 Jul 2016

Death a contagious disease at Delhi's mortuaries

Without any formal medical training,workers are cutting and stitching bodies along with washing,packing and storing them.

26 Jun 2016

It's all about sex, baby

Like old friends, Ford and Gucci have picked up from where they left off. 

25 Jun 2016

The future of fashion, concocted in a lab

Pallavi Rebbapragada spoke to CEO Manjula Tiwari about what to expect from Future Style Lab.

25 Jun 2016

To women and the stories they live

Intriguing Women is an insightful journey into the world of womanhood

23 Jun 2016

Udta Delhi

For over two lakh drug addicts, there are only five government de-addiction centres that battle for grants

20 Jun 2016

A nut easy to crack and hard to sell

These days more than 95 per cent of coconut dealers in Delhi are from Bareilly.

19 Jun 2016

A dead end before death

Is Delhi government mistaking its only two old-age homes in the city for mental asylums?

12 Jun 2016

Sleaze lies in the eyes of the beholder

Sunny Leone’s Sweet Dreams puts the birds and the bees in a cosy nest.

11 Jun 2016

All she's asking for is the right to fight

There are 200 akharas in Delhi. Here’s why women practice only in three.

15 May 2016

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