Paul Zacharia

Malayalis and the new colonisation

An extraordinary preoccupation with politics characterises the Malayali among all the peoples of India. It is a lifelong addiction, the dominant narrative of their lives 

22 Feb 2021

Two priests, a queen, a pope and a book

The book that Paremmakkal Thomman Kathanar began to write in 1785 describing his travel to Lisbon and Rome is an unputdownable read for anyone interested in history 

12 Jan 2021

What did Karl Marx say about religion

 Marx presents, in the space of a couple of short paragraphs, an examination of religion that is surpassed by little else before or after him

17 Dec 2020

Indian democracy and Ambedkar’s terrifying prescience

The deep-rooted anti-democratic outlook of the Indian ruling classes, with their essentially feudal mindset, that culminated in the Emergency did not die with it

10 Oct 2020

Kerala’s church: But where has the message gone?

While it is no mean achievement for a Church from an obscure corner of the world to find itself a seat on the Palatine, let us look at the ground realities in Kerala.

03 Aug 2020

How Malappuram was reimagined by Maneka Gandhi

 The BJP leader’s remarks were far removed from reality. One can only think that the politician in her accepted data from mischievous providers and politicised the elephant death 

03 Jul 2020