Pavithra N Raj

Don’t fall for food fads, go the natural way

Often times, youngsters busy with long working schedules and staying away from homes, end up opting for quick ready-to-eat processed foods.

11 Apr 2019

Going Gluten-free, Fad or fact? 

People with signs and symptoms of  gluten-related medical conditions, intolerance or sensitivity towards gluten should switch to gluten-free diets after assurance from doctors.

28 Mar 2019

A pinch of salt, literally, for a healthier kidney

 The most basic ingredient of our survival necessity, food, is the pinch of salt we add in all our dishes.

14 Mar 2019

Pick fruits and Peels

The summer heat can drain your energy more than you think. Below mentioned list of fruits can be included in your diet to instantly boost your energy this summer

01 Jun 2017