Pearl Maria D’Souza

Food techies develop low-cost, nutritious food that lasts longer

While the ready-to-eat segment is not new to the food industry, NuTy co-founder Ray Nathan said that these foods are easy to prepare, but fall short on taste, and become a last-resort meal. 

14 hours ago

Safal Fasal: This App helps sugarcane farmers detect five diseases in crop

The idea came to fruition when Dr Omkar interacted with farmers and was told about the difficulty in identifying crop disease.

10 Dec 2019

Register of Ideas: VTU to link innovators, investors

VTU had also started a project to fund research projects at the undergrads level for all affiliated colleges in 2018, the vice-chancellor said.

10 Dec 2019

VTU to get industry specialists as guest faculty

Karisiddappa admitted that some faculty members were still not visiting industries for updating their skills.

08 Dec 2019

12th-century reformer Basavanna likely to feature in Telangana textbooks

The saint is popular for bringing down caste and gender barriers, especially through his poems

04 Dec 2019

Teen wins prize for gadget that allows impaired to hear

Shivaprakash said he has been experimenting with vibrations and its uses ever since Class 10.

01 Dec 2019

Website is watertight but there was lapse: Karnataka Examination Authority officials

When the misuse of data was brought to the notice of the KEA, they stopped open access to the portal after these elements accessed the data.

27 Nov 2019

Japan robotics company attempts to enter Indian Cybernics by 2020

“From tax eaters to tax payers,” said Yoshihiro Yasunaga , Director, General Manager of Sales Department, USCPA, who represented Cyberdyne.

25 Nov 2019

A desi keyboard for languages

During his time in the USA, in 2009, Prasad was alarmed by the declining use of vernacular languages in a technology-driven world.

19 Nov 2019

Engineering students to face off at RoboRace in Bengaluru Tech Summit

Pointing to a tight budget, Narayan told TNIE that the government was spending Rs 10 crore for the three-day event, that too after much scrutiny.

18 Nov 2019

Education department wants advance payment for textbooks

The decision was taken after many schools ordered textbooks but never paid for it

17 Nov 2019

Getting products for Gaganyaan astronauts a stiff challenge: IAF specialists

Humans 'introduce a level of uncertainty to everything' said Commodore Agarwal which throws a big challenge, especially to ISRO designers.

16 Nov 2019

Gaganyaan mission: Recruiters prefer astronauts with sound dental, emotional fitness for final selection

The Russians are particularly sensitive about astronauts having faultless dental health, probably because of certain bad experiences their cosmonauts may have had while on space missions.

15 Nov 2019

Doctors in Indian Air Force await nod to get fighter pilot wings

It was also difficult for the doctors to give total dedication to either of the fields because both are very specialised and challenging roles.

15 Nov 2019

Furore over BR Ambedkar’s misrepresentation in Karnataka government circular

Various Dalit organisations staged protests in Bengaluru and Mysuru, following which the Department of Public Instruction hurriedly pulled down the circular from the website on November 9.

13 Nov 2019