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Delay midday meal cooks' pay and your own will be late: Karnataka public instruction department

The department of public instruction has swung into action, warning officials that if mid-day meal workers are not paid on time, their salaries too would be delayed.

30 Jan 2020

French agency CNES to aid ISRO’s space station project

Teams of CNES and ISRO have finalised drafting the agreement between the two space agencies in which French experts are likely to provide training to Indian astronauts.

27 Jan 2020

Taste for adventure drives one to be an astronaut, says French spaceman

However, he rued that the government took decades to come up with its indigenous human space flight programme.

24 Jan 2020

NASA official stresses on crucial 8.5 minutes during manned missions

The most crucial moment is the first 8.5 minutes of ascent in any launch, said American astronaut Colonel Benjamin Alvin Drew, NASA liaison to the Department of Space.

24 Jan 2020

Data sharing among space agencies still a grey area, feel experts

Despite various space agencies unanimously agreeing to collaborate for space missions, India still needs fixed policy to share information

23 Jan 2020

Pvt polytechnic colleges too to benefit from online classes

 For 10 hours a week, teachers of government polytechnic colleges take up online interactive classes for students in various colleges across the state.

23 Jan 2020

17 years on, mid-day meal workers await decent wage

Thousands of mid-day meal staff from all over Karnataka left their respective school kitchens and arrived in Bengaluru as early as 5am to reiterate what they first demanded 17 years ago.

22 Jan 2020

GSAT-20 set to boost internet in rural India

Rural India will soon have better broadband capability as the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is set to launch its geosynchronous satellite GSAT-20 later this year.

22 Jan 2020

Techies break language barriers through coding

A hundred-odd code developers, from various colleges and companies and even a school, gathered on Saturday for a hackathon organised by Nasscom and Reverie Language Technologies.

19 Jan 2020

Chocolate with a twist — has protein-rich millets

A Bengaluru-based food technologist has come up with chocolates that are more nourishing with higher fibre and protein content and replacing sugar with natural sweeteners.

13 Jan 2020

Antrix eyes Rs 2,000 crore revenue in coming fiscal

On the order book, Rakesh said the space agency has Rs 800 crore worth of launches in the pipeline.

12 Jan 2020

‘Research firms seeking possibilities of telepathy’

However he felt the need to do blue sky research to make India a leader in technology. 

08 Jan 2020

Goat farmer develops soap, pushes others into venture

Acharya, a farmer who exhibited his products at the Farmer’s Science Congress, began his own research and development and learnt that ‘stall feed goat farming’ was the best method.

07 Jan 2020

Students convert waste to wealth for their regions, present them at Bengaluru's Children Science Conference

Daughter of a food safety officer in Jammu, Anzleen extracted an Ajwain-based oil ‘Thymol’ which has the ability to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for 42 days, upon application.

06 Jan 2020

Kashmiri student creates smoke adsorber amid internet shutdown in valley, presents it in Bengaluru

A carbon adsorber is a pollution control equipment which significantly reduces volatile organic compounds in low concentration streams.

06 Jan 2020

DRDO develops escape chute for fire emergencies

Fire incidents growing in number in cosmopolitan cities has pressed the defence laboratory in New Delhi to develop a 50-metre emergency escape chute.

05 Jan 2020

Defence lab developing bio vest for astronauts 

The DEBEL team has also designed an emergency survival system which includes 10 protective items when the astronauts’ capsule lands in the sea while returning to earth on completion of the mission.

05 Jan 2020

Laboratory makes lighter bullet-proof army jackets

There was need for a bullet-proof jacket which was skin-friendly and was made of a lighter material, and now they are ready, said DMSRDE officials.

04 Jan 2020

Parents, teachers want hearing impaired students to learn English

Unlike their able bodied peers, such students are limited to learning one language at a time because learning more languages simultaneously would confuse them, said experts.

03 Jan 2020

Leading lady of Yakshagana

Physics graduate steps into the colourful world of Yakshagana, draws more women

29 Dec 2019

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