Pooja Das

The big picture

The sixth edition of the Japanese Film Festival is back to celebrate Japan’s cinematic universe, and also includes some popular anime films

06 Dec 2023

Artistic gateway

In celebration of the art and culture of Karnataka, the Bengaluru airport has organised a guided walkthrough of the art at Terminal 2 for the first time

05 Dec 2023

Bengaluru's miniature artist creates wearable food art with polymer clay

From miniature gardenscapes as home decor to immortalising your memories as tiny fridge magnets, CE speaks to miniature artists in the city diversifying their art with its growing popularity

30 Nov 2023

Analogue Renaissance

With the oversaturation of digital photography and its transience, many young people in the city are increasingly turning to film photography

29 Nov 2023

Decoding Ragas

Acclaimed singer MD Pallavi talks about her upcoming performance From Ragas to Reels being held on December 6

29 Nov 2023

Lights, Camera, Awareness

All Living Things Environmental Film Festival is back with its fourth edition in the city with an expansive repository of regional and international climate films

28 Nov 2023

Mystique of a maestro 

Nirmal Chander Dandriyal’s new documentary 6-A Akash Ganga will present a rare insight into the life of Annapurna Devi. 

27 Nov 2023

It is easier to create habits from a young age: Clinical nutritionist Gauravi Vinay

Clinical nutritionist Gauravi Vinay talks about her health journal Gut Set Go, to educate children about balanced nutrition in a fun way 

27 Nov 2023

Flavours of the Orient

Another edition of the city’s favourite Japan Food Fest is back to celebrate authentic flavours from the Land of the Rising Sun.

25 Nov 2023

Mystique of a maestro

In his documentary, filmmaker Nirmal Chander Dandriyal delves into the life of renowned classical musician, Annapurna Devi, first wife of sitar virtuoso Pt Ravi Shankar, and the enigma surrounding her

23 Nov 2023

Engraved in time

This city-based citizen group is using 3D tech to preserve thousand-year-old inscriptions scattered around the city.

23 Nov 2023

'The Ghost of the Lighthouse': The Talking canvas

AK Srikanth explore in their new dance film, The Ghost of the Lighthouse, the story of a tourist guide, Anila, in a small coastal town.

21 Nov 2023

Pakshi Jala: A nature lover-turned-birdwatcher's chronicles

Capturing the relationship between birds and water, author Shubha Bhat talks about her book Pakshi Jala, which documents over 200 species of birds around the IISc campus.

14 Nov 2023

Festive fits for men

From pastel shades to embroidered patterns, stylists in the city decode what’s in for men’s fashion this festive season.

14 Nov 2023

Haripura Panels: Pieces of history that provide a crucial picture of rural India

The Haripura Panels, a series of 400 posters, painted by one of the pioneers of Modern Indian art, Nandalal Bose, is on display in Bengaluru for the first time.

11 Nov 2023

Isreal Conflict