Pooja Nair

Trekker's rescue op opens Kerala govt’s eyes to need for specialised teams

The Indian Army-led rescue of R Babu, 23, from a rock cleft in Kurumbachi hills near Malampuzha after nearly 45 hours on Wednesday was an eye-opener for the state government.

11 Feb 2022

Kozhikode street singer couple recall how Lataji's songs helped build their lives

Lata Mangeshkar was their god as it was by singing her songs the couple had survived the tough times in Kozhikode raising six children. 

06 Feb 2022

It’s Covid Brigade 2.0, but Kerala government is not calling it that

Move to appoint staff comes months after first team was disbanded

01 Feb 2022

Denied dialysis, Covid positive renal patients in Kerala left in lurch

At present, less than 50 slots are available for dialysis patients at the Kozhikode MCH daily while the Beach General Hospital accommodates less than 10 patients.

01 Feb 2022

COVID-19: Monoclonal antibody cocktail finds more takers in Kerala despite high price

Certain national and international research reports revealed that MAB doses are not approved for people who are hospitalised with severe COVID infection and those requiring oxygen.

03 Jan 2022

IT sector witnessing boom in Kerala, job opportunities increase by 40% from pre-Covid times

This has also resulted in several global players approaching the IT sector for various services. 

08 Dec 2021

Shortly before Balan Putheri received Padma Shri, tragedy struck his family

Shantha breathed her last after a long fight with breast cancer on Tuesday morning when Balan, who is visually challenged, had already reached New Delhi to receive the honour.

10 Nov 2021

First Nipah survivor from Kozhikode recalls terrifying memory of contracting virus in 2018

For M Ajanya, 21, from Cheliya here, May 18, 2018, is a horrifying memory.

08 Sep 2021

Kozhikode IT firm’s flight booking platform big hit with international passengers

A Flight-ticket  distribution platform developed by Kozhikode-based IT firm Nucore has become one of the leading booking solutions available globally. 

05 Sep 2021

Masks curb Covid spread, but give rise to ‘maskne’

The prolonged, and often continuous, use of facemasks has led to several other skin conditions among many people.

23 Aug 2021

Ban on stage shows leaves artists from Kerala in penury

The campaign organised by SAA aims at conducting a 50-day non-stop livestreaming event with the support of more than 500 artists from different parts of the state.

16 Aug 2021

Lockdown woes: Rs 50 crore as rebate arrears, khadi sector in crisis in Kerala

This, even as the government is offering a 30 per cent rebate on khadi on account of the coming Onam festival.

10 Aug 2021

Low antibody count even after second dose of COVID vaccine a concern

Antibody tests taken by 11 people show only two who were Covid infected earlier had antibodies above 100 IU; more research needed and state may think of giving people a third shot, say experts.

09 Aug 2021

Through ‘TPR challenge’, desperate traders take lead to increase testing

The onus is now on traders to reduce TPR so that they can open shops. Traders are now busy campaigning for mass testing and have come up with offers for participating in Covid testing camps.

30 Jul 2021

Kerala government urged not to shift sexual assault survivors to single home in Thrissur

According to activists, the move will put undue stress on the girls who are already traumatised and struggling to return to normal lives.

21 Jun 2021

Extended ban on international flights leaves expats in dire straits

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation had on May 28 announced that international passenger flights will not restart operations until June 30.

31 May 2021

Homes for children, elderly run by NGOs in Kerala struggle as donations dry up

Kerala has over 2,000 registered orphanages, mostly run by non-government or charitable organisations.

24 May 2021

No coming back to power for LDF in Kerala, says KK Rema

The BJP’s divisive politics and LDF’s violence will no longer stay in Kerala when this new wave of politics sweeps the state, she said.

07 Apr 2021

Rema faces 3 namesakes,says LDF’s fears evident

While there were two namesakes in the fray who garnered more than 500 votes in the 2016 assembly elections, she has to face three this time.

22 Mar 2021

What’s going online? Parents must watch

Recent incident of a Malappuram girl getting addicted to drugs and abused by several people once again exposes the dangers of children spending too much time on social media. 

25 Feb 2021

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