Prabhu Chawla

Big brotherhood of tech power bugging democracy

With little robust legal protection against Big Brother with Big Ears, any entity with money power can misuse technology to get the dope on all Indians

06 Nov 2019

Predicting consensus over confrontation in BJP’s 2020 vision

Finally, the saffron party will be forced to deal with an Opposition on steroids, and an equally powerful opposition from within in both Haryana & Maharashtra

30 Oct 2019

Record drum roll in states signals Modi 3.0

The PM doesn’t believe in the adage that in politics, you lose some and win some. His numerical nuances are not about a simple majority any more

23 Oct 2019

To beat slowdown, elevate poor consumers to Samarth Bharatiyas

Despite the current economic scenario, the govt is still unwilling to correct its philosophy of helping ‘wealth creators’ instead of empowering consumers

16 Oct 2019

Opprobrious opportunists betray Modi’s smart vision

The speed and enormity with which Indian cities are falling apart has exposed the hollowness and indifference of India’s civic administration

10 Oct 2019

Sharad Pawar survived Gandhi Parivar. But will 'Modi menace' diminish his power?

Sharad Pawar is now going through the darkest phase of his career. He survived the Gandhi Parivar. But will the Modi menace diminish his power?

05 Oct 2019

Modi mojo rules Trump and the world

The PM has captured a space for India at the high table. And the US president, like the rest of the world, is applying Modi Mantras to diplomacy 

25 Sep 2019

Hope abolition of Article 370 will lead to faster development of J&K: Naveen Patnaik

In a free-wheeling chat with Editorial Director of The New Indian Express Prabhu Chawla, he spoke on wide ranging issues concerning the name and the State.

23 Sep 2019

Shah’s unity mission talks and acts tough

Power properly pursued perpetuates progress. For the first time, a PM has allowed a visibly powerful number two to execute the popular mandate

18 Sep 2019

Modi converts minor Chandrayaan setback into a Nationalist pride

This is yet another example of how PM Modi invents new slogans and schemes, which not only acquire national eminence but also become people’s movements

11 Sep 2019

India needs more Lakhpatis and not Arabpatis

For the past 28 years, the managers of our economy have forced successive govts to pamper so-called wealth creators in the name of reforms

04 Sep 2019

Demise of titans no decline of party?

Death’s frequent visits couldn’t halt the BJP juggernaut. The secret lies in merit-based succession rather than the compulsions of pedigree and dynasty

28 Aug 2019

Gandhis doomed if they don’t rediscover New India and new politics 

In the past two decades, the mother and son have held total sway. But they haven’t attracted fresh talent or devised a credible alternative agenda

14 Aug 2019

Modi changes article to verb to nationalise Kashmir 

Constitutional isolation of the state was responsible for the Valley’s separatism and poverty. Politicians plundered the state and the poor faced terrorists

07 Aug 2019

Keep Air India flying, not fleeing tycoons and bad banks

Why should an airline which owns every fourth commercial aircraft that flies in India, carries every sixth passenger and earns over `71 crore a day be handed over to a private entity?

17 Jul 2019