Prabhu Chawla

Women need power, not numbers

The situation improved radically when Narendra Modi became Prime Minister in 2014.

24 Sep 2023

Attacks on NRIs put US economy at risk

Indians and Americans of Indian origin are being regularly attacked, humiliated and sometimes murdered by white bigots while reaping the benefits Indians bring to their economy.

17 Sep 2023

Hindu rishi versus British Sunak

He being a staunch Hindu, the ruling political class should have pulled out all stops to celebrate Sunak’s arrival with myriad social engagements.

10 Sep 2023

Surprise parliamentary session another Modi adventurism

He is adored and abhorred for keeping his cards close to his 56" chest and winning the grand slam using covert strategies.

03 Sep 2023

India doesn't need new names to become a 'new India' 

This isn't the first time the state has gone nuts over sobriquets.

20 Aug 2023

The Smriti-Rahul War of Paradoxes

It was no coincidence that Smriti was deputed to speak on behalf of the government. She is a habitual Rahul basher and nemesis of the Gandhi dynasty.

13 Aug 2023

Processions bloodying communal politics 

Surprisingly, neither the Centre nor the states have the count of temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras built on public land.

06 Aug 2023

Rapacious rajneeti causes Manipur mayhem

Perhaps thinking that his opponents would distort any comment by him, Modi was maybe waiting for the right time and an appropriate venue to express his resolve.

23 Jul 2023

Love in paris, political weddings at home

The government even amended the law to give him a third extension against SC’s advice.

16 Jul 2023

BJP divide and fool may boomerang

At least for now. The BJP’s Maharashtra Model is unlikely to be limited to the state.

09 Jul 2023

No vaccine for Spampedimic virus of complicit greed

The cell phone is an essential evil of the New World. They have become weapons to steal wealth with stealth. The Spampedimic is the current curse of capitalism sans cure.

25 Jun 2023

Pataliputra parleys to just meet and greet

 The success of any electoral alliance is precariously linked with the seat-sharing formula. Fortunately, barring Congress, none have footprints beyond their states.

18 Jun 2023

Rajasthan Loyals is Ultimate Caste Game

The Congress leads the news space. Former Deputy CM, the 45 year old Pilot, has been on the road to drum up support for himself first and his party later.

11 Jun 2023