Pradip Phanjoubam

How BJP’s moves in Manipur have boomeranged

The ruling party was the last to release its manifesto and list of candidates for the upcoming Assembly polls in the state. What led to this?

26 Feb 2022

Statehood in the Northeast and Manipur's path

Could Manipur’s statehood history have taken a different trajectory? Would its protest culture be any different had it been given full statehood with honour in 1949 itself?

27 Jan 2022

Extension of AFSPA and War in Peacetime

It needs to be clarified that AFSPA and the Army are not synonymous. Therefore the general revulsion for this Act in the Northeast is not tantamount to an equal dislike for the Army.

06 Jan 2022

Nagaland ambush reopens old AFSPA wound in Northeast

The AFSPA gives sweeping powers to Central armed forces in areas where the Act is promulgated and protects them from persecution in courts and the danger from this is obvious.

10 Dec 2021

Andaman Islands will forever have a piece of Manipur

Despite scepticism that the renaming could have been done for political gains, there is hope that the peripheries of India may now have a way out of history’s blind spot.

23 Nov 2021

Emergence of mercenary politics in Manipur

Many new entrants who are tipped to win have decided that their best prospects for bagging ministerial positions would be as mercenaries aligned with small parties.

25 Oct 2021

What Manipur’s sporting success also reveals

The Northeast has not seen a female chief minister so far. Politically, women here are in the margins. Yet, they have been frontrunners in sports

25 Sep 2021

The military DNA in Myanmar’s governance

What needs to be kept in mind in the Myanmar situation is that without a complete structural and psychological overhaul, civil rule in the country may never be complete.

28 Aug 2021

Making sense of boundary disputes in the Northeast

In order to understand the clash between Assam and Mizoram place, we have to go back to the British colonial government’s outlook to frontier management

07 Aug 2021

Unseen gender discrimination in a man’s world

Because of ages of almost universal conditioning and internalising, nobody even sees discriminatory responses as wrong. Therefore they get perpetuated

21 Jun 2021

Challenges around idea of land in Manipur

While frictions over the idea of land and ownership among indigenous communities is common throughout the Northeast, arguably none is more complex and sensitive than in Manipur

26 May 2021

The midlife crisis for Manipuri cinema

One of the major hurdles for Manipuri movies is the slow but certain withering away of cinema theatres in the state, triggered by the banning of Hindi films about 20 years ago

13 Mar 2021

Manipur Government’s disregard for rule of law

The lack of respect for rules in the Northeastern state became evident yet again during the August 10 confidence vote

13 Mar 2021

Suu Kyi stronger after Myanmar poll surprises

 NLD’s landslide victory in Myanmar’s November 8 election demonstrated how nationalism does 
not care for any standard scale of moral rectitude

13 Mar 2021

Manipur, a case study of  illiberal democracy

The idea of rule of law has been overturned by the government’s attempt to hold on to power, setting a dangerous precedent in the strife-torn state

13 Mar 2021

With COVID-19 cover, Manipur government is silencing dissent

Intolerance to criticism has been a trait of the state’s government long before the pandemic. This repression has only intensified during the lockdown

09 May 2020

Letter and spirit of law in jeopardy in Manipur

Just for a brief recap, Shyamkumar was elected on a Congress ticket from Andro in the 2017 Manipur Assembly election.

05 Apr 2020

Remembering & forgetting in Naga literature

While Naga nonfiction is seemingly unable to break free from revisiting the conflict, fiction is
starting to show signs of a new life germinating

05 Feb 2020

Rapid, large-scale migration is the problem

Reams have been written on the Rohingya crisis already.

22 Dec 2019

Can McMahon Line dispute be resolved?

The answer to solving the border dispute may lie in the way other contiguous boundary lines were settled by China with Myanmar and Nepal.

19 Nov 2019

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