Prashant Sood | IANS

Amit Shah's Elevation Shows Modi's Growing Hold on BJP

Amit Shah\'s elevation as the BJP president is a reflection of Prime Minister Narendra Modi\'s growing hold over the affairs of the party, and the coming months are likely to see the party exert to consolidate the gains in the Lok Sabha elections and extend its reach in areas where it is weak.

10 Jul 2014

Raising Workers' Morale Among Priorities for Congress

Raising the morale of party workers, ideological consolidation, policy revamp and a sustained grassroots campaign are among the measures being suggested by Congress leaders to revive the party\'s fortunes after its crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha polls.

18 May 2014

Modi Effected Paradigm Shift in Election Campaign

Modi, 63, set a punishing pace throughout the campaign, sometimes addressing as many as five rallies a day. He was sought after by all BJP candidates and took care to add local flavour and raise local issues in his speeches to create an immediate connect with the masses.

15 May 2014

Modi, Rahul, Kejriwal have Different Idioms, Varied Styles

Modi (63) and Gandhi (43) also represent a generationtional change in their parties. Kejriwal, 45, is the new and spirited challenger, keen to change the established political order.

13 Apr 2014

'Supreme Court directions on civil servants will serve public interest'

The SC\'s directions that civil servants should have an assured minimum tenure and should refrain from acting on verbal orders given by politicians will serve public interest by improving governance.

03 Nov 2013