Prosenjit Datta

Covid and the sentiment against globalisation

The pandemic will permanently change the contours of globalisation. India needs to understand that and work towards making its manufacturing industries self-reliant

08 Apr 2021

Dealing with semiconductor nationalism

India has to look at chip fabrication as a strategic industry and get directly involved in it. Being entirely dependent on global supply chains for something this critical is not wise.

06 Mar 2021

Before AI, focus on foundational technologies

Two old technologies hold the key to how well we can utilise artificial intelligence, robotics, big data mining, etc., and usher in Industry 4.0

12 Feb 2021

Supply chain viruses, the new face of cyber warfare

Such cyber attacks are difficult to guard against and can bring a country to its knees by attacking its key functions and biggest companies. India should be prepared

14 Jan 2021

COVID-19 vaccines: The complex task ahead

With vaccines getting ready for emergency use, one big hurdle has been crossed. But the war is far from over. A single misstep could cost thousands of lives

16 Dec 2020

Manufacturing lessons from the auto industry

It makes sense to identify what made auto manufacturing take off while other sectors lagged. Three things stand out—scale, latest products and a degree of protection

19 Nov 2020