Pushpesh Pant

Promises, performance, praise and problems

Promises and Performances apart, it’s the unalloyed Praise showered on Yogi Adityanath that left almost everyone speechless.

24 Jul 2021

Indian economy needs urgent attention, wordplay can wait

At times one gets the feeling that our PM believes in the magical power of the mantras to the exclusion of all other forms of policymaking and implementation.

10 Jul 2021

India’s dilemma of having it both ways

After days of depressing and disturbing news, it seems that things are cheering up a bit.

26 Jun 2021

The troubling ticks, tweets and tweaks

One may very well ask, what has the heated debate on ‘Ticks and Twitter’ to do with this? There is a one-word answer—everything.

12 Jun 2021

When death tarnishes the purity of the holy river

Pictures of thousands of unburned corpses floating on the consecrated waterway to heaven are a living nightmare that will continue to haunt us for long.

22 May 2021

Who said the Dead Tell No Tales?  We must heed the wails and now.

What we have been going through, and are most likely to suffer without relief for some time to come, is the scary and total breakdown of governance.

08 May 2021

COVID-19: Smart virus, stunned humans

The virus, we are discovering, is smart. It is mutating at a rate that is rendering all efforts to contain contagion ineffective.

24 Apr 2021

Decline and fall of education and research in India

The founders never tired of repeating that Ashoka was set up as an act of philanthropy by self-made millionaires to pay back their debts to society.

26 Mar 2021

The perpetual politics of naming and renaming

Fairness demands that we acknowledge that the naming and name-changing game began long before the BJP-NDA came to power.

06 Mar 2021

The curious case of rights, restrictions and rowdies

Raids by the IT Department or Enforcement Directorate are no less harassing than police from different states descending on one’s doorstep at odd hours.

20 Feb 2021

Of restrained cops and rampaging vigilantes

Storming of the Bastille marks a crucial turning point in the history of French Revolution.

06 Feb 2021

A tale of the many lives, charmed and harmed

When Arnab Goswami finds himself in conflict with law, he shouts himself hoarse claiming that the partisan police is trying to stifle the freedom of press/media.

23 Jan 2021

India’s faultlines can't be easily plastered over

Forget the farmers braving cold waves and other deprivations, this strategy of putting a different spin every other day has badly misfired.

09 Jan 2021

India’s majority seems to have no problems with Hindutva project

As we write these lines, the Farmer’s Protest shows no signs of weakening.

26 Dec 2020

The Mythic Glorious Past Still Seems to Dazzle Us

Without getting into the merits of the agitating farmers' demands, the arrogant response by some of the Central ministers needs to be condemned squarely.

12 Dec 2020