Pushpesh Pant

Governing their state of affairs without being a rubber stamp

Some would argue that India is a union of states and the word federalism is not mentioned anywhere in our Constitution.

26 Nov 2022

'Ambedkar: A Life' by Shashi Tharoor: Inadequate retelling of a great life

An informative but poorly researched biography of B R Ambedkar, which misses the erudite voice of its author

25 Nov 2022

Morbi Tragedy: Sickness of stupefied silence shouldn't turn into epidemic

These accidents are man-made calamities exposing the nexus between corrupt builders, contractors , bureaucrats and politicians, belonging to different ruling dispensations.

12 Nov 2022

Ex-VP Hamid Ansari's 'Challenges to a liberal polity' book review: The politics of being Indian

A collection of speeches and articles by former vice-president Hamid Ansari, offering engaging insights into our democracy

05 Nov 2022

Balance between truth and fairness in scales of justice must be restored

As the nation bids goodbye to Chief Justice of India, UU Lalit, it is reminded how a recharged Supreme Court can fill the people with hope.

29 Oct 2022

Merchants of death in Indian pharma lethal for nation

Unfortunately this is not the first such case, nor is likely to be the last. Vaccines made in haste indigenously during the pandemic had also exposed chinks in our armour.

15 Oct 2022

Of Cheetah, Gita, Ankita and the lost resonance

There are times when rhymed words, for no reason, cling to each other and echo, haunting us in a frightening manner.

01 Oct 2022

'Nehru and the spirit of India' book review: Not another biography

A brilliantly encapsulated history of ideas that have shaped modern India’s intellectual sensibility

18 Sep 2022

Between practising and preaching, who will judge the judges?

Majority of Indians are confused also due to confusing signals sent by other honourable judges of the apex court.

16 Sep 2022

Crime without punishment: What is legal may not be just

There are times when word seem to fail. Even barbed words appear to have been bludgeoned to bluntness by unimaginably shocking and disgraceful events.

03 Sep 2022

Need to drain vish out of our minds to make the body politic Amrit

In the Hindu myth of samudra manthan, when the ocean is churned, it expels both amrit (nectar that promises immortality) and vish (legal poison that holds the threat to destroy creation).

20 Aug 2022

Audacity of democracy: By the people, but not for the people 

Some things are obvious. The ‘landslide’ electoral victory registered a couple of years ago could not help the Rajapaksas remain in office.

22 Jul 2022

Opposition can’t be demolished in the manner of bulldozer politics

Fate and the future of the Shiv Sena rump, led by Uddhav, aren’t the only questions that are subject to speculation.

10 Jul 2022

Agnipath: Fire ordeal ignited by another self-goal 

Trains and buses are being burnt and public property valued at crores of rupees has been destroyed. The state of Bihar is tottering on the verge of infectious anarchy...

26 Jun 2022

Heroes and villains in reel and real lives

In interviews promoting his film, he makes sweeping statements about the achievements of Hindu kings not being given a due place in school textbooks.

11 Jun 2022