Pushpesh Pant

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Our leaders must act differently from their subjects

Even to those who concede that Moitra may not have committed a crime, her conduct does seem to have transgressed a fuzzy ethical line.

18 Nov 2023

The art and science of sycophancy and lessons long forgotten

Allegorical and metaphorical interpretations have long ago been vanquished by the literal exhilaration and intoxication.

04 Nov 2023

When defining national interest, it’s shades of grey that matter most

The war against terror has become the common cause of mankind, but in the deafening noise of battle drums, the voice pleading for universality and indivisibility of human rights is lost.

21 Oct 2023

Colonial, patriotic: neutralise weaponised words of choice

The great Indian civilisation, call it Indic if you like, had always revelled in its resplendent diversity. It has displayed a unique genius to adapt and assimilate, synthesise, not homogenise.

07 Oct 2023

Sanatan Dharma Row: India should be run by the book, that is, Constitution

It is impossible to assert dogmatically that it is only Hinduism, in its different manifestations, that can be termed sanatan.

23 Sep 2023

Life after G-20 will not be easy, neither for the leader, nor for the led

Only the feeble-minded would persist in the belief that the joyous, almost-year-long runup to the summit was an elaborate distraction to keep the electorate’s mind away from worrying domestic issues.

09 Sep 2023

Of migrants, refugees, infiltrators and self-proclaimed children of the soil

It is shocking that 77 years after Independence, India presents a picture of a house badly divided.

26 Aug 2023

Book review: The Bloomsbury Handbook of Indian Cuisine

A disappointing culinary handbook that is devoid of an editorial vision and ignores the biggest Indian achievers in the field

12 Aug 2023

Nuh: Violence in the name of god & distortion of religious processions

No purpose is served by apportioning blame or trying to find out who threw the first stone, fired the bullet or started arson and looting.

11 Aug 2023

Book review: Made in India: 75 years of business and enterprise

A compact and readable volume on the country’s achievements across fields since Independence, and where it is headed in the future

04 Aug 2023

The great deluge and reluctance to learn from past mistakes

Some brave souls of this tribe are occasionally spotted on a rubber dingy, secure in a lifejacket ‘supervising’ relief and rehabilitation.

29 Jul 2023

When a colossus becomes a man of straw with feet of clay

The apex court finally expressed the view that the governor and the speaker had not acted according to constitutional propriety, but by then the damage was done. 

14 Jul 2023

Foreign appeal aside, it’s time for Modi to look and act Northeast

Back from a successful state visit from the US, PM Modi should lose no more time in looking and acting Northeast.

02 Jul 2023

Isreal Conflict