R Gopalakrishnan

Talent tougher to build than factories

A rigorous discipline of planning and pursuit of talent excellence is weak or even absent in Indian companies.

19 Apr 2023

Sustainable talent management is a long game

The activity reserved for the natives in India, West Indies, Guyana, Fiji or African colonies was unskilled labour.

16 Mar 2023

The youth elixir for companies

A corporation is part of an ecosystem. Its very existence and its fate are linked with that of its stakeholders. It has a much larger role to play for the community.

16 Nov 2022

Building Businesses: Ayurveda for corporations

Leaders must adopt a regime of ‘corporate ayurveda’. The need manifests when the company enters a phase of steady decline or suffers an enterprise ‘heart attack’.

08 Sep 2022

The holistic transformation leadership

With the deep impact of technology on productivity and ways of working, executives rely on rationality in change management, maybe to a fault.

11 Aug 2022

Transformation experiences at Unilever

Leaders tend to forget self-evident lessons during transformation management. They must observe, listen, record, and reflect without any judgement.

14 Jul 2022

A collective legend can help transformations

An intellectual nomad is a leader who approaches the transformation challenge with empathy, an open mind, a determination to listen, and a will to relearn old truths.

16 Jun 2022

Organisations and the pain of transformations

For many grown-up companies, ‘creative destruction’ is essential to survive and prosper in the long term. The transformations of The Gap, Netflix, etc,. are worth reading.

19 May 2022

The role of luck in organisational transformation

Hindustan Unilever or Tata succeeded in the transformation largely because of their strategies but if someone else followed the same actions, can success be assured?

21 Apr 2022

Is it possible to vaccinate a corporation?

A company is prone to virus-like attacks like employee disengagement, inconsistent leadership behaviour, festering grievances and negativity in the workplace.

24 Mar 2022

Is the transformation programme working?

Imagine you are a shareholder of a company, whose leaders criticise predecessors for every malaise & blame media for negative reportage. Company’s results are not glamorous. Would you vote for change?

24 Feb 2022

When would an unfiltered CEO be successful?

Unfiltered CEOs are recruits from outside the company. Both filtered and unfiltered leaders have their value, depending on the circumstances of their recruitment.

27 Jan 2022

How much does CEO selection matter?

Does the company need major organisational change? How does the board identify the ideal leader who can successfully supervise the transition? 

06 Jan 2022

How the Tata group transformed itself after 1991

The external impression was that Tata was less nimble than others, more resistant to change and extremely set in its ways.

01 Dec 2021

Transformation of HLL after liberalisation

Studying Hindustan Lever’s efforts to steady the boat after liberalisation shows how far Indian management has moved in terms of strategy in the last three decades

04 Nov 2021

Transformation of Tata around liberalisation

The odds were loaded against the Tata group at the start of Ratan Tata’s leadership. Bound by a slower functioning style, there was much to be done to face the fast-paced competition of the future.

07 Oct 2021

Transformation of HLL during liberalisation

Hindustan Lever had to completely reorient itself. It developed an enormous appetite for organic growth, something that industrial licencing had thwarted till 1991

09 Sep 2021

Why organisations tend to go around in circles

The most efficient path between two points is the straight line. But since effectiveness is more essential, leaders might choose a path that is inefficient to accomplish the task  

11 Aug 2021

Transforming organisations: Who said competitors can’t collaborate?

Unfortunately, the narrative these days suggests that while winning is an all-important end, crushing the ‘other’ is equally crucial. Politics and business are really not the same as war.

15 Jul 2021

Transforming organisations: Optics are important

Transformation agendas need continuous recalibration based on signals. Apart from the court of law, the court of public opinion matters

18 Jun 2021

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