R H Kulkarni

Mysuru Dasara procession, a visual narrative

Historical information about the celebration of Navaratri and Dasara in the southern part of India can be gleaned from the Vijayanagara period.

14 Oct 2021

Artistic water bodies of medieval Karnataka

The Early Chalukyas of Badami were known for their water bodies and water management.

17 Sep 2021

Homage to Vedavyasa through visual depictions

Right from his birth, Vedavyasa is said to have solved many riddles of Vedic literature and set right many of the issues of the Kauravas and Pandavas.

23 Jul 2021

Lajja Gauri: Fertility cult & mother goddess worship

The images are found in seated posture and may be considered as provocative in appearance.

30 Apr 2021

Mangalisha, a great patron of Badami Chalukya art

Mahakuta has a good number of temples with both Dravida and Nagara vimanas, situated around the ancient water tank Deva Droni that is fed by a natural spring.

14 Apr 2021