'In The Name of God' review: Irrepairable ending undoes a promising start

The show opens with Meena smoking pot and walking out of a smoke-filled kitchen while Ilayaraja’s Regutunnadhoka Raagam from Dance Master plays in the background.

19 Jun 2021

'Bo Burnham: Inside' shows absurdity and sensibility co-exist

The vivid visuals here elucidate Burnham’s ambition to exalt every frame, using the means at his disposition.

12 Jun 2021

'Ardha Shathabdam' movie review: Amateur making casts a shadow over this well-intentioned misfire

Opening scenes can often be deceiving. They can delude us into believing we are in for a great film only to leave us betrayed at the end of it all.

12 Jun 2021

On Netlfix | 'Nail bomber: Manhunt' is a timely, discomfiting documentary experience

The 72-minute runtime is a major impediment, considering that it touches on expansive concepts such as racism, homophobia, marginalisation, and bigotry.

08 Jun 2021

'Nail Bomber: Man Hunt' documentary review: By the book, but timely

The film shapes the narrative with voices of survivors and frontline workers who witnessed the blasts up and close.

05 Jun 2021

Certification is fine, censorship is not, say filmmaker duo Raj and DK

Filmmaker duo Raj and DK trace their journey from struggling directors to reliable producers

01 Jun 2021

'Ek Mini Katha' review: Small issues don't deter bigger laughs

The protagonist’s propensity to perceive sexual prowess, or lack thereof, as the sole defining factor of a relationship is indicative of the film’s murky politics and negates its predictable message.

29 May 2021

The sound of Podiyankulam

Sound designer Suren G discusses his creative contribution in shaping the soundscape of  Mari Selvaraj’s Karnan,  arguably the best film of this year

24 May 2021

The Asif Kapadia and Amit Kumar Interview: ‘We are here to push boundaries'

Asif Kapadia and Amit Kumar make this interaction exude the vibe of friendly conversation, and it helps that their own association goes back a long way.

20 May 2021

When work from home is not an option

Sound designer and mixer Suren G agrees that it’s arduous for sound technicians to maintain their workflow without access to workstations in studios.

17 May 2021

'Cinema Bandi' movie review: For the love of cinema

The film seamlessly nudges the problematic aspects of Telugu cinema as well.

15 May 2021

A nerve-racking documentation of relentless journalistic pursuit

His writing, the conduit to share his art with the world.

13 May 2021

‘Cinema Bandi  is our love letter to filmmakers’

...says Praveen Kandregula, while talking about his aspirations as a storyteller, the experience of directing his first feature film, and more

12 May 2021

'Thank You Brother' movie review: A mediocre thriller, but a watchable drama

A power failure leaves both of them trapped in the elevator and things worsen when Priya goes into labour.

08 May 2021

When stand-up comedy invoked tears

“This video is capable of making a fully grown adult cry,” says a comment under Raja Mamidanna’s new stand-up act, A Love Letter to Mom.

06 May 2021