Rajas Kelkar

How much is enough for retirement

As persistently high inflation hurts everyone, the size of the retirement corpus also grows.

26 Sep 2022

Why set multiple goals for your money

Financial planning is like minding a herd. Just like sheep or cattle, your money tends to meander. When you receive your paycheck, you want to ensure that you provide adequately for your future.

19 Sep 2022

Saving money? Learn to invest too

Investing regularly in an index fund is the best way to beat the inertia 

12 Sep 2022

Loans in times of rising interest rates

If interest rates surge dramatically, you may want to consider your floating rate home loan for a rejig. The competition among banks is intense.

05 Sep 2022

Micro View of price stability and managing your finances

Price stability is not just a concern for central banks or governments. If there is no control over inflation, you are at risk too.

29 Aug 2022

What Rakesh Jhunjhunwala left for you

In the world of investment, one cannot be right or wrong. The key to success is a smart way of giving yourself room for error and Jhunjhunwala lived by that choice. 

22 Aug 2022

Financial freedom as your action plan

India’s ‘tryst with destiny began in August 1947. The nation was free politically from colonial rule. Economically though, India remained under siege.

15 Aug 2022

Simplify financial planning amid uncertainty

 If you are not too keen to dive in so much, you need to do a few basics to take care of your unexpected expenses and secure your sunset years.

08 Aug 2022

Your money faces headwinds amid surging inflation and economic slowdown. Watch out!

Gloomy and more uncertain, says the latest update from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a multilateral agency on prospects for the world economy.

01 Aug 2022

How overconfidence could hurt your money

While the number of investors surged dramatically to three times the level three years ago, the sharp fall in share prices has braked the euphoria. 

18 Jul 2022

How banks hold the key to your financial future

You use banking services every day. You may make a payment or buy something or receive some money. Banking encompasses your personal and work life.

11 Jul 2022

Market talks: How hope is your friend while investing

As the clouds from the South West gather in the skies, it is usually gloomy during the day. There is a flood in India’s North-East while the monsoon is below average in most other places.

04 Jul 2022

Label your money as 'for now' and 'future'; Inflation can significantly threaten your savings

The first half of 2022 is almost over. It is that time when you can sit back to review your financial well-being. From the headline data, things are not looking good.

20 Jun 2022

What does ‘Economic hurricane’ mean to your money

Jamie Dimon, chairman of JP Morgan, one of the biggest banks in the world, has asked investors to prepare for an economic hurricane.

13 Jun 2022

What is prudence in finance?

A lot of companies go public, creating high expectations before delivering profits. That is because they overestimate the market size for their products or services.

06 Jun 2022