Rajas Kelkar

Expert talks: Know more about the cycle of Money growth

A typical growth cycle of a country includes higher incomes translating into higher savings. These higher savings lead to even higher investment.

13 Sep 2021

Stock market talks: Who should sell now

Stock market prices are at a record high. They are scaling new peaks every week, led by a flush of money from foreigners and local investors.

06 Sep 2021

What a third COVID-19 wave means to your money

A country’s response is based on the state of the government finances. India does not have the luxury of printing an endless amount of money as the Rupee is not a reserve currency.

30 Aug 2021

Why keep track of RBI committee minutes

These are perhaps the most important minutes kept of a meeting. The Reserve Bank of India’s monetary policy committee meets every two months to determine key borrowing rates.

23 Aug 2021

Financial freedom ideas need your help

The way to financial freedom is through financial literacy. Knowing practical concepts makes a significant difference.

16 Aug 2021

Money talks: What is good and bad news for markets?

Financial markets trigger greed and fear. People have a different view on the same stock or a bond, which helps create a healthy market.

09 Aug 2021

Five things influencing new age investing

While institutions brace themselves for rising interest rates, retail participation in the financial markets creates a disruption.

02 Aug 2021

Getting past ambiguity aversion in personal finance

Most Indian households are stuck to assets that they can feel and see. They did not participate in financial markets.

26 Jul 2021

Why you should take note of IPOs like Zomato

Sooner than later, they may get into benchmark indices like the Sensex or the Nifty. That is what drives a lot of long-term investors like mutual funds and pension funds to invest.

12 Jul 2021

Avoid resentment towards saving and investing

Saving and investing for the future is often thought of as an exercise to be done when you have lots of money.

05 Jul 2021

Money lessons from World Test Championship

Here are a few lessons that you could use for your finances from the recently concluded cricket event.

28 Jun 2021

‘Balancing it out’ is a key skill for investors

Money does not talk. It screams. When Bob Dylan said that, it was probably a reflection of the times. You can safely assume that it had nothing to do with personal finance. 

21 Jun 2021

How to steer clear of the bull market talk

Share prices are scaling dizzy heights. That is perhaps an understatement if we go back just over a year and look up.

14 Jun 2021

Putting money to work is the only way to wealth

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) left key borrowing rates unchanged last week.

07 Jun 2021

Inflation, slow economic recovery, inadequate jobs: What lies ahead for your money

The Reserve Bank of India annual report for 2020-21 warns of a stock market bubble as more money in the financial system leads to asset price inflation.

31 May 2021