Rajas Kelkar

Financial planning needs much more than you think

The primary reason for you not to take up that responsibility is your inertia. The word ‘finance’ brings a picture of complexity with it.

15 Mar 2021

Warren Buffett on investing in businesses

In this year’s letter to shareholders, Buffett explains five types of investors that his company deals with on day-to-day basis.

08 Mar 2021

How to make sense of financial market turmoil

Staying invested and riding through this selloff could do a lot of good to your long-term financial goals.

01 Mar 2021

Real estate investments are now simpler than ever

Realty has long been the preferred investment option for Indian households and REITs make things a lot easier

22 Feb 2021

Why you need to be smart about loans

The need to borrow from a registered intermediary like a bank or a non-banking finance company. And to ensure that one repays their loans on time and does not miss out on the monthly payments. 

15 Feb 2021

How to make sense of too much information

Amid a flood of information, you may wonder about the limit to which you can process financial, economic or market data.

08 Feb 2021

Markets rally, but need to sustain the momentum

All through the Union Budget presentation by finance minister Nirmal Sitharaman, equity indices hovered 1% higher than the previous close. 

03 Feb 2021

Why faster growth matters to your financial well-being

With the government aiming to stimulate growth, your investments are likely to trickle into the stock markets sooner than later

01 Feb 2021

Budget 2021: Why you should not expect much

Considering the low revenues and the need to provide a booster shot to the industry, the prospects for an
income tax rate cut are low

27 Jan 2021

Sensex @50,000: What to expect next

Indian firms remain better placed for growth than those in richer nations

25 Jan 2021

What could go wrong in 2021?

Asset prices are near record highs, but inflation risks could throw a spanner in the works for investors this year

11 Jan 2021

Revisiting the three pillars of personal finance in 2021

These include your ability to save more, your ability to invest regularly and keeping that monthly expenditure in check.

04 Jan 2021

Why inflation threat looms in 2021

Inflation matters to your savings as the trend determines the direction of interest rates. Currently, the rates are low

21 Dec 2020

Why investing in ‘good’ matters

ESG factors ascertain long-term sustainability of firms amidst environmental vulnerabilities

14 Dec 2020

Mid-caps could continue to shine in 2021

Companies through rank 1 to 100 are large caps. From 101 to 250, they are class are mid-caps and 250 and below are small caps.

07 Dec 2020

What we learnt in 2020

Saving money is an achievement but it is not enough to ensure your future financial security

30 Nov 2020

What to expect in 2021

Having meaningful conversations over money should be your priority for the coming year, with a key factor being the way one ends up handling their asset allocation

23 Nov 2020

What to do with the money in the bank

A ‘dash for cash’ attitude amid the pandemic has led to people accumulating idle cash 

16 Nov 2020

Markets turn brighter but caution prevails

With a few sectoral hiccups, most public banks continue to underperform. The Nifty Bank index reflects this disappointment

09 Nov 2020

Coronavirus could change how health insurance works

Disruption may lead to new products like OPD insurance, claims platforms, and gamification of premium pricing

02 Nov 2020

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