Rajat Chaudhuri

On the happiness trail

Where from did hope and resilience arise? How do we continue with a positive frame of mind in the face of epochal upheavals that scar and disrupt millions of lives?

24 Jul 2021

'The Sickle' book review: Heart of darkness

The novel throws light on the little-heard and often-misrepresented accounts from Maharashtra's vast hinterland.

19 Jun 2021

Engaging the Evil-god

This is a country which in a much-lauded effort had championed the manufacture of generic HIV/AIDS medicines that eventually provided treatment access to thousands.

28 May 2021

Let's talk about shame

Perhaps we can, and we should, for as we cope and heal, a sense of shame and self-criticism can persuade us to dream of a better tomorrow. 

30 Apr 2021

Tech in the time of climate woes

Gates’ book and his wide-ranging influence through their foundation have implications for acceptability and adoption of certain geoengineering methods that he advocates.

03 Apr 2021

'Breathing here is injurious to your health' book review: Confronting the silent scourge

Hardly anyone seems to care about the slow poisoning of an entire population, but the author of this compelling work does

02 Jan 2021