Rajat Chaudhuri

On the happiness trail

Where from did hope and resilience arise? How do we continue with a positive frame of mind in the face of epochal upheavals that scar and disrupt millions of lives?

24 Jul 2021

'The Sickle' book review: Heart of darkness

The novel throws light on the little-heard and often-misrepresented accounts from Maharashtra's vast hinterland.

19 Jun 2021

Engaging the Evil-god

This is a country which in a much-lauded effort had championed the manufacture of generic HIV/AIDS medicines that eventually provided treatment access to thousands.

28 May 2021

Let's talk about shame

Perhaps we can, and we should, for as we cope and heal, a sense of shame and self-criticism can persuade us to dream of a better tomorrow. 

30 Apr 2021

Tech in the time of climate woes

Gates’ book and his wide-ranging influence through their foundation have implications for acceptability and adoption of certain geoengineering methods that he advocates.

03 Apr 2021

An everlasting plate

A large part of the problem lies in industrial scale, high input agriculture and farming practices with associated transport and processing.

06 Feb 2021

Estranged times and the decades ahead

The end of a particularly interesting or horrid year, depending on whether or not you enjoy quoting Chinese proverbs, does provoke you to play fortune teller for once.

26 Dec 2020

Greenhouse gas methane comes out of hiding from under the Arctic ice

As a greenhouse gas, it is about 80 times more powerful than carbon-dioxide over a 20 year time horizon.

21 Nov 2020

Bad advertising, better futures

Amidst the news circus and news fakery, which have made life even more exciting in the vortex of the pandemic, there just popped up a piece of welcome diversion.

25 Oct 2020

A Yardstick for internet empires

Women activists and politicians are not exempt from the demons that hide in the folds of socmed’s soiled pyjamas.

19 Sep 2020

Amid climate change and overpopulation scare, are children still boon in nature's new order?

This second issue of ideal versus non-ideal images of parenthood is one around which most of the rhetorical discussions tend to crystallise.

22 Aug 2020

The Night of the Algorithms

We may not have met but I have sure been watching you.

25 Jul 2020

What will be the new Utopia?

Despite the summer sun, you are protected much of the way by the shade of living root bridges that cover the bicycle tracks. Squirrels play overhead, birdsong animates the world. 

05 Jul 2020

A green future of work

This is the time for increasingly investing in the education and training of solar and wind power engineers, PV installers, ecologists, marine biologists and green design professionals to name a few.

13 Jun 2020

Post-coronavirus world: Between hope and chaos 

There is an element of hope embedded in the act of conjuring up the post-coronavirus world.

16 May 2020

Angry planet

Researchers agree that climate change will increase the risk and disease burden of viruses transmitted by this particular dark-coloured bloodsucking pest.

11 Apr 2020

Will stories save the planet? 

It is being realised that by telling stories, we can resist the slow slide to chaos and prepare for a just, equitable and environment-conscious future.

21 Mar 2020

Isreal Conflict