Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

Balancing material and spiritual resources

It is the sign of the times that people are taking a keen interest in spiritual matters these days. They are asking questions about the soul, God, karma and values.

18 Mar 2020

Individual change leads to societal change

The history of mankind gives us a panoramic view of the past events. These accounts were handed down in the form of oral tradition, pictographs, edicts, coins and written words.

11 Mar 2020

Is morality the basis of peaceful co-existence?

Furthermore, the Law, whether it is international or national, asks us to discard all kinds of distinctions, based on race, colour, nationality,

04 Mar 2020

Why can’t we live in peace?

Today, each one of us is seeking peace. The prime reason for this is our dilemma and difficulty to survive in a world that offers little rest, and where peace comes in rare interludes.

27 Feb 2020

Four steps to spiritual resilience

This four-step process of awareness, attitude, vision and action is cyclical and dynamic, through which we create the world around us and it responds directly to our attitude and intention. 

20 Feb 2020

Love in the eyes of interdependence

Remember, a child who is loved will have no fear in his/her life and would be able to easily venture outside the family.

20 Feb 2020

Four steps to spiritual resilience

For many, spiritual beliefs may tremendously influence their outlook of the world, offer solace in turbulent times, or provide support from a like-minded community.

19 Feb 2020

Work in peace

Most of us spend nearly a third of our life at work and so the quality of our life is connected to our experiences there.

22 Jan 2020

Does high standard of living bring happiness?

In many countries, modern life has improved people’s standard of living, but people seem nevertheless generally not more happy with their lives.

08 Jan 2020

The pros and perils of power

Pursuit of power is a fundamental human drive which knows no exceptions.

26 Dec 2019

Are our society’s values deteriorating?

According to learned saints and sages, in actual sense it is humanity that differentiates a man from a demon or a devil.

18 Dec 2019

Secure the world

Similarly, through television, families take a daily dose of violence and some time misinformation in the form of biased news.

11 Dec 2019

Follow a healthy mental diet

Not many of us know that our physical health and mental health are closely linked. So, any kind of physical activity can be beneficial for our mental well-being too. 

04 Dec 2019

The Value of values

We all dream for a better world where there is peace, happiness and harmony.

27 Nov 2019

Remedy for chaos in society

Each day as we tune into news channels, there are reports of violent acts, unrest and dishonesty engendering a sense of fear.

20 Nov 2019

A journey of self-transformation

It is a common belief in Indian culture that pilgrimage is a great religious endeavour and is essential for the true devotees of God and that it helps the soul in liberation from the past sins.

12 Nov 2019

Body, soul and I

Most of us identify ourselves with our bodies, because we are unaware about the immortal entity called soul which resides within us and functions through the body.

06 Nov 2019

Keep your relationships simple

Human relationships are infinitely complex and tricky to manage and hence they need immense patience,understanding, acceptance, acknowledgement and engagement.

30 Oct 2019

Can spirituality end gender bias?

So deep-rooted are these paradoxes that sometimes one wonders at the level of tolerance that Indians possess within them.

16 Oct 2019

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