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3.83 lakh people got vaccines without photo ID: Govt in Lok Sabha

The centre has issued a standard operating procedure to facilitate the vaccination of eligible beneficiaries who do not possess the prescribed photo ID documents. 

30 Jul 2021

Go back to earlier vaccine policy, say small private hospitals

Private hospitals are irked with the frequent change of policies for the procurement of Covid vaccines.

30 Jul 2021

Rising cases of women getting lung cancer, say doctors, but smoking isn't the only reason

The ratio of smokers and non-smokers getting lung cancer is 20:1. However, there are additional factors affecting women.

29 Jul 2021

Demand for IVF treatment on the rise as couples realise that COVID-19 is here to stay

Infertility is on the rise due to lifestyle changes such as delayed marriage and delayed age of pregnancy as people are occupied with career and other commitments, said Dr Chandana

29 Jul 2021

People’s psychiatrist 

Dr C R Chandrashekar’s Samadhana provides care and support to patients suffering from mental health 

27 Jul 2021

Patients discharged early rush back to hospitals in Bengaluru

Around 16% still positive when they arrive at post-Covid clinic

26 Jul 2021

60% of people in Karnataka have Covid antibodies

Experts unsure whether it’s because of Covid infection, vaccine or natural immunity

24 Jul 2021

RGICD to open 200-bed Covid-19 hospital in Bengaluru soon

City hospitals are ramping up their infrastructure to tackle the predicted Covid third wave and prevent a rerun of the acute scarcity of beds.

23 Jul 2021

Only government-run cancer hospital in Karnataka to get ICU for children next month

"We receive around 600 new pediatric cancer cases a year and 2000 patients come for follow-up treatment," said Dr C Ramachandra, director of Kidwai Hospital.

22 Jul 2021

Karnataka's only government-run cancer care hospital, to get pediatric oncology ICU to be open next month

Children frequent this hospital for cancers including blood, brain, lymphoma, solid tumours in the liver, kidney or pancreas, bones and soft tissue.

22 Jul 2021

Only 13 per cent of hospitalized patients got PM-JAY: Analysis

38 per cent of the people (17.3 lakh) self-financed or borrowed their way through, while 49 per cent (22.2 lakh) relied on other health insurance schemes.

22 Jul 2021

Of 2.22 crore people Covid vaccinated in Karnataka, 1.67 crore yet to get second shot

Hospitals said that people are turning up in large numbers for their second dose, but issues surrounding the drive are affecting the national initiative.

21 Jul 2021

High treatment cost in Bengaluru sends black fungus patients back home

The state has not come up with plans to cover the cost of black fungus patients in private hospitals, as it did with Covid patients, through the Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust.

17 Jul 2021

Non-communicable neurological disorders on the rise in India, says Lancet study

The non-communicable neurological disorders include stroke, headache disorders, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer's, brain and CNS cancer, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and motor neuron diseases

15 Jul 2021

India likely to add 12.6 lakh Covid cases, Karnataka about 60k by Aug 10

Death rate to fall, Maharashtra will see high toll, Karnataka at second spot 

13 Jul 2021

Covid-19 treatment now simplified with new guidelines

“For out-patients, monoclonal antibody therapy is used for the right kind of people. A good deal of doctors have walked away from most of the drugs.

11 Jul 2021

Evidence-based care vital to treat Covid patients

They warned against routinely performing investigations that do not guide treatment, such as CT scans and inflammatory biomarkers. 

07 Jul 2021

As COVID-19 wanes, black fungus cases dip too in Karnataka

Also, there is enough stock of Amphotericin-B, the drug required to treat black fungus patients, unlike the shortage witnessed in the months of May and June.

05 Jul 2021

Seva Sindhu goes for a toss, app makes applying for Covid relief difficult

Yet another is the one-time password (OTP) feature.

03 Jul 2021

Rare disease patients deprived of Central funds, Karnataka govt aid to go dry soon

The IGICH will face a serious difficulty from August 2021, the High Court observed on June 18 this year.

02 Jul 2021

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