Ranjit Bhushan

Elephant deaths in India: A jumbo tale of negligence

The fast-dwindling population of wild elephants, or other animals, is not an issue of political significance in India, as animals don't constitute a vote bank!

11 Apr 2023

Is elite caste syndrome continuing to dog top Indian educational institutions?

Just how sharp are cultural fault lines in top end campuses like the IITs, IIMs and NITs?

31 Mar 2023

Focus 13000 villages: Why the backward caste arithmetic is on top of RSS' mind

Caste is perpetually the X-factor. While the permutations apply to the country as a whole, its impact is most likely to be felt in the Hindi belt.

19 Mar 2023

India as pharmacy of the world? First fix the 'toxic' defects that are crying for cure

Test results from three states -- Gujarat, Kerala, and Maharashtra -- over the last decade have documented over 7,500 medical samples that failed quality tests.

07 Feb 2023

Violence in schools imperils hallowed teacher-pupil tradition

Teachers often find themselves at a vulnerable point. Sadly, reverse violence is also becoming a reality – the calm unruffled image of a teacher-sage is taking a pounding.

29 Jan 2023

Should elections be left to serving and superannuated bureaucrats?

Over the years, the tenures of Chief Election Commissioners have 'slid' down from over eight years in the 1950s to just about a few hundred days after 2004.

13 Jan 2023

Swachh Bharat test: Can Kejriwal show a way out of the civic mess that is New Delhi?

So, what ails our municipalities and who governs Indian cities? What needs to be done to transform their effectiveness, responsiveness and agility?

04 Jan 2023

Love is blind: Indian government's all-consuming affair with secrecy

It is understandable if there is some reticence about providing details of the 1962 China war, but what about the Bangladesh operations, the country's finest military hour in 1971?

27 Dec 2022

God save the pilgrim! The many perils of religious tourism in India

Morbi, Amarnath and Vaishno Devi: pilgrim's progress short on promise as state, infra let them down.

15 Nov 2022

BJP government's anti-conversion gaze shifts from central to Northeast India

"In 1991, the proportion of Indian Religionists is reduced to less than 60 percent, while that of Christians has risen to nearly 40 percent," a think-tank close to the BJP noted recently.

05 Nov 2022

Isreal Conflict