Ravi Shankar

Motherlodes of Power: The story of India's 'Shakti Peethas'

As Navaratri and Dussehra approach, the significance of the 51 Shakti Peethas once again resonates in the pilgrim’s prayers. 

03 Oct 2021

Jay Shah’s accent-shaming is cultural complex

Accent-shaming has been around as long as language started to define cultural identity along with dress and food.

18 Sep 2021

The divine surge in modern art

Art is being supercharged by spirituality as artists globally draw on shared heritages to make sense of the current crises of war, greed and faith with festival sculpture

04 Sep 2021

Monuments are places of solemnity, not celebration

Yes, tourists tend to be noisy, because travel is a form of celebration.

04 Sep 2021

President Joe has Blood on his hands

In public life a leader is defined by his predecessor.

28 Aug 2021

Afghanistan crisis: No country for women as Taliban takes control

As CH-46 military helicopters clattered over the Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul, the vengeful phantoms of history were resurrected by the dust and thunder of rotors.

28 Aug 2021

Taliban takeover of Afghanistan: A savage future awaits

The return of the Pakistan-parented Taliban foretells the suppression of women, bloodbaths and terrorism which threaten the safety and security of the world. India is right to be worried.

22 Aug 2021

Mr Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all isn’t lost

Narendra Modi is not the monster his critics have made him to be. The most horrific communal riots and police massacres happened during the Congress years.

20 Aug 2021

Independence and freedom in the age of Covid

For almost two years, India has been colonised by a lethal virus which has given freedom a new national, political and social meaning 

14 Aug 2021

The Sweetest Saint

A wildly popular dessert pastry, little known outside France, is a legend that revolves around a bishop, the French Revolution and lots of fresh cream

14 Aug 2021

Life in India public limited

Facts are the building blocks of the truth. The fact is that the Modi government did buy the Pegasus snoopware since the company sells it only to governments.

08 Aug 2021

'A Rude Life' book review: Rude awakening in ruder times

Vir Sanghvi’s memoirs are more about a lost India than celebrity encounters

31 Jul 2021

Is there an Original India?

The bridge that unites the boomers and millennials of India is change, both sudden and stealthy.

16 Jul 2021

Modi’s centrality is in jeopardy

It is not Rahul Gandhi that Modi should worry about, Modi the Man is Modi the Image. For seven years and more, the centrality of Modi in Indian public consciousness defined politics.

11 Jul 2021

The science of political variants in Covid-19 times

Government bashers are unaware that a Statue of Unity-sized top secret effort is underway to bloody the coronavirus’s nose.

03 Jul 2021

A new Rao-Manmohan team in the offing?

In May, no bookie would have put money on an understated Southern politician becoming India’s most progressive leader.

29 Jun 2021

Love, Actually: The effects of the pandemic on human bonding

Relationships have changed drastically during enforced seclusion and togetherness since the pandemic struck.

27 Jun 2021

Greeks bearing gifts: Understanding the history of Indo-Greek cuisine

After Alexander’s invasion, the history of the 4th century BC Indo-Greek kingdom is a history of the cuisines of the world

26 Jun 2021

Fowl is Fair

Chicken curry, the most underrated Indian culinary export, has innumerable avatars that define the country’s history and regions

13 Jun 2021

Dear government, please take a joke

For a powerful government to perceive a cartoon as a threat is either a sign of fear or intolerance of criticism.

12 Jun 2021

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